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View and export

The received S#.Data data can be viewed in special panels.

To do this, on the General tab, click one of the following buttons: Ticks, Order Books, Candles, Order Log, Level 1, News, Transactions, Board Options, Indicators, Positions.

Or, right-click on the desired data type. As it shown on the picture.

hydra view export

Each panel contains a general interface of the settings as follows:

hydra export 00

In the top line, you need to select a market data storage and its format (BIN or CSV).

In the bottom line, you need to specify the period for which data will be requested. When you click the Select Instrument button, an instrument selection window appears in which you can select one or several instruments. If several instruments will be selected, then when you later export to Excel or CSV, the program itself will sort the data of different instruments on different files.

Exporting data to Excel, xml, bin, txt file formats or to SQL tables is done from the drop-down list:

hydra export

When exporting to text format (Txt) files, a window appears in which you can specify the export template as follows:


where the properties that need to be exported and their order are specified in curly brackets via a semicolon.

hyda export TSLab MetaStock