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Publish own strategy

You can publish your own strategy by left-clicking the Schemas, panel and selecting Publish. Or, by switching to the strategy panel and clicking the Publish button on the Backtesting tab:

Designer The gallery of strategies 01

Clicking the Publish button opens the Publish window with the publishing parameters:

Designer The gallery of strategies 02

In the Publish window specify the strategy name, brief description, logo, price. Also, n the Publish window you can check the Is encrypted checkbox. After downloading the strategy published with the checked Is encrypted checkbox. The structure, code and used cubes will not be viewable. The Designer panel will display: "Strategy has been encrypted and cannot be viewed". Also, see more on strategies encryption in the Export with encryption section.

Designer The gallery of strategies 03

After clicking the OK button, the strategy will appear in the Strategy gallery panel. You can quickly find it by setting the Own strategies filter.