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To create the synthetic positions by options (or, vice versa, option positions by the base instrument) you can use the special Synthetic class. This class through SyntheticBuy and SyntheticSell methods returns a combination of synthetic instruments to determine their possible position.

The synthetic combination can be used together with the degree of liquidity by the option determination (when it is impossible to get the required position). To do this you can use the order book liquidity analysis methods TraderHelperGetTheoreticalTrades:

// order book of the option
var depth = _connector.GetMarketDepth(option);

// calc theoretical price for 100 contracts
var trades = depth.GetTheoreticalTrades(Sides.Buy, 100);

// calc matched size
var matchedVolume = trades.Sum(t => t.Trade.Volume);

// a new order for the option
_connector.RegisterOrder(new Order
    Security = option,
    Volume = matchedVolume,
    Direction = Sides.Buy,
    // using max price
    Price = trades.Max(t => t.Trade.Price),

// calc elapsed size
var elapsedVolume = 100 - matchedVolume;

if (elapsedVolume > 0)
    // creating synthetic instruments
    var syntheticBuy = new Synthetic(option).Buy();

    // registering orders with elapsed volumes
    foreach (var pair in syntheticBuy)
        _connector.RegisterOrder(new Order
            Security = pair.Key,
            Volume = elapsedVolume,
            Direction = pair.Value,
            Price = pair.Key.LastTrade.Price,

Similarly to options, you can also get the option position for the base instrument through SyntheticBuy(Decimal) and SyntheticSell(Decimal) methods.