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Import (auto)

The task performs automatic import of exchange data from files in the specified directory according to the specified file mask.

hydra tasks import

At the bottom of the panel, you can select the instruments by which data will be imported, as well as the data type to import.

Import (auto)

  • Settings - settings for import from CSV.
  • Data directory - data directory.
  • The file mask - the file mask that is used when scanning the directory. For example, candles*.csv.
  • Subdirectories - include subdirectories.
  • Column separator - column separator. Tabulation is denoted by TAB.
  • Indent from the beginning - the number of lines to skip from the beginning of the file (if they contain meta information).
  • Time zone - the time zone.


  • Header - the task header.
  • Operate from - the time to start operating.
  • Operate to - the time to stop operating.
  • Interval of operation - the interval of operation.
  • Directory with data - a directory with data, where the final files in S# format will be saved.
  • Format - data format: BIN/CSV.
  • Max. errors - the maximum number of errors, upon which the task will be stopped. By default 0 - the number of errors is ignored.
  • Dependency - a task that must be performed before running the current one.
  • Logging level - the logging level.


  • Duplicates - update instrument duplicates if they already exist.
  • Ignore without an ID - ignore instruments without an identifier.