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For team work, it's convenient to use the built-in Chat, which is a popular Telegram messenger in the Web interface.

Using the S#.Designer chat on the basis of the Telegram messenger has the following advantages:

  • Protection against unauthorized reading is provided through the use of the MTProto communication protocol.

  • Secret chats provide end-to-end encryption, the history of which is not stored on any server, providing anonymity of correspondence.

  • Availability of a timer for messages self-destruction.

  • Instant delivery of messages and files.

  • Ability to transfer files of any format with the size up to 1.5 Gb.

  • The Telegram messenger works on IPhone, Android, WindowsPhone. There are online and desktop versions. There is an ability of synchronization between devices.

  • Creation of large chats - up to 5000 members.

When you first open the Chat, an authorization page appears, where you need to enter your phone number and wait for the SMS with the activation code. After authorization, you get a full-featured Telegram messenger directly in the S#.Designer.

Designer Chat

After registration, the window will look like this:

Designer Chat 00