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Graphical configuration Interactive Brokers

For all S# products, graphical configuration of the connection is performed on the Connection settings window:

API GUI Settings Interactive Brokers
  • Address - TWS address.
  • Identifier - Unique ID. Used when several clients are connected to one terminal or gateway.
  • Real-time - Should real-time or 'frozen' on broker server data be used.
  • Logging level - Server messages logging level.
  • Market data fields - Market data fields, which will be received with subscribed to Levell messages.
  • Protocol - SSL protocol to establish connect
  • Certificate - SSL certificate.
  • Password - SSL certificate password.
  • Check revocation - Check certificate revocation.
  • Validate remote - Validate remove certificates.
  • Host name - The name of the server that shares SSL connection.
  • MaxVersion - MaxVersion
  • Heart beat - Server check interval for track the connection alive. By default equal to 1 minute.
  • Reconnection settings - Mechanism for tracking connections with the trading system settings. (Reconnection settings)