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Several algorithms connection

Depending on the particular user/application the OEC server may not support simultaneous connection of multiple applications. In this case, other connections can be interrupted. For circumvention of these limitations this OpenECryTrader implementation supports simultaneous operation of multiple applications through a single connection to the OEC server – OECRemoting.

The following modes of OpenECryRemoting supported:

  • None - OpenECryRemoting disconnected. The application creates its own connection to the OEC server. The application can not serve as the Primary for other applications.

  • Primary – the application creates its own connection to the OEC server.

  • Secondary - it searches for local applications running in the Primary mode at the time of initialization. If such applications are found it uses their connection to the OEC server. Otherwise, the application enters None mode.

To explicitly set the OECRemoting mode you should specify the desired mode immediately after the OpenECryTrader object creation. For example, to set the Secondary mode:

Trader.RemotingRequired = OECRemoting.Secondary;

By default, the OpenECryTrader adapter operates in the OpenECryRemoting.None mode.