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hydra settings quandl


  • Token - Quandl user ID.
  • Start date - from which date to begin data downloading.
  • Day offset - time shift as the number of days from the current date. Required to prevent downloading of incomplete data in the current trading session.
  • Time offset – the time offset in days from the current date, which is necessary to prevent the download of incomplete data for the current trading session.
  • Weekend - to ignore weekends and holidays (do not download data).
  • Temporary files - using of temporary files: enable/disable/enable and delete.


  • Work from - source work start time.
  • Work until - source work stop time.
  • Work interval - interval of source work.
  • Data directory - data directory, where the resulting files will be saved in the S# format.
  • Format - data format: BIN/CSV.
  • Max. errors - the maximum number of errors to achieve that task will be stopped. By default 0 - number of errors is ignored.
  • Dependency - task that must be executed before the start of current task.
  • Logging level - logging level.

To configure the source in S#.Data you will need the Quandl Token (API key). You can get it in your personal account on the Quandl website.

Before starting the data acquisition, it is necessary to download and select the necessary instruments, as described in the clause First start.