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Installation instruction

There are two ways to install S#:

  1. Install from the StockSharp Releases repository of the GitHub web service.

  2. Install from the Visual Studio using the service Nuget.

Install from GitHub

  1. Sign up on GitHub.

  2. Go page in StockSharp repository.

  3. Select the releases icon, as shown in the following figure.

    stocksharp instalation1
  4. Select the required S# version on the opened page, and download the necessary archives from the Downloads section.

    Note Note

    Note that the Source Code archives contain source code and StockSharp_#.#.#.Zip archives contain library files (references) and examples source code.

    stocksharp instalation2
  5. Unlock and unzip the downloaded files.

Install using the Nuget

  1. In Solution Explorer right-click the solution name, and select Manage NuGet Packages for Solution... in the context menu.

    stocksharp instalation3
    Note Note

    Another way to open TOOLS => NuGet Package Manager => Manage NuGet Packages for Solution... item in the Studio’s main menu.

  2. Select the tab Online Online in the opened window and type StockSharp in the search bar. Click Install Install after the StockSharp API (S#.API) installation package found.

    stocksharp instalation4
  3. “Packages” folder appears in the solution folder after the package installation and the StockSharp.#.#.# folder with the latest S# version in it.

    stocksharp instalation5
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