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Extended instrument info

Sources of extended information on instruments are CSV files located in the folder "c:\Users\Users\Documents\StockSharp\Hydra\Extended info\", which are automatically loaded when S#.Data is started.

The extended information can be any necessary information on the instrument (for example, a country, a city, a site, etc.).

Each source of extended information (CSV file) contains a list of instruments and properties of the extended information available in the source for each of the instruments. For each source of extended information, the extended information will be unique.

If the source does not have extended information on the instrument, empty cells will be displayed in the columns of the corresponding extended information in the list of all instruments.

To select the required extended information, click the Extended information button on the instruments tab.

hydra Extension Info securities

After that the window for selecting the extended information appears

hydra Extension Info window

Below is an example of a CSV file of extended information, opened in different editors of MS Excel and NotePad

hydra Extension Info csv excel
hydra Extension Info csv notepad