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The following describes the creation and configuration of AWS account.

  1. To create an AWS account, please go to the Create AWS account page and click the Create account button.

    Aws 3 Create Account
  2. Next, fill in the form proposed by the web service.

  3. At one stage of the registration it will be prompted to enter a phone number and initiate a call to your phone using the Call Me Now button.

    Aws 3 Call Me Now

    You should pick up the phone and dial the code, which will be shown on the computer screen.

  4. Further it will be asked to choose a support plan. At the end of the account creation it is necessary to go to the management console.

    Aws 3 console
  5. The first step when setting up the account is to create a Bucket. Aws 3 Create Bucket

    Bucket is a container for objects stored in the "cloud." It is necessary to specify a unique name for Bucket, and choose a regional data center (Region) where the data is physically stored. Note that in the future when configuring a backup task: 1) you will need to enter the bucket name in the Bucket field, 2) in the Address field you should use not a name, but the address of the regional data center, which can be found here.

    Aws 3 Create Bucket Dialog
  6. Next, you need to specify the keys for programmatic access to the AWS services. To do this, click on the link Security Credentials in the AWS console.

    Aws 3 Security Credentials
  7. Opening the Access Keys (Access Key ID and Secret Access Key) title and creating the access keys by clicking the Aws 3 Create New Access Key button.

    Aws 3 Security Credentials Create

    Created keys can be saved to a file using the Download Key File button.

    Note that when you set up the backup task Access Key ID should be used as a login and Secret Access Key as a password.

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