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OpenECryStopTypes Enumeration

The type of the conditional order OpenECry.

Namespace:  StockSharp.OpenECry
Assembly:  StockSharp.OpenECry (in StockSharp.OpenECry.dll) Version: (4.4.16)
public enum OpenECryStopTypes
  Member nameValueDescription
StopMarket0 The market order is automatically registered after reaching the stop price.
StopLimit1 The limit order is automatically registered after reaching the stop price.
TrailingStopMarket2 Stop price automatically follows the market, but only in a profitable direction for position, staying on specified in advance interval from market price. If the market reaches the stop price, the market order is automatically registered.
TrailingStopLimit3 As TrailingStopMarket, but when it reaches the stop price the limit order is registered.
MarketOnClose4 To match at the market price, if the closing price is higher than the expected price.
MarketIfTouched5 With the market price when the condition is fulfilled.
MarketOnOpen6 At trading opening.
MarketOnPitClose7 Market order, released before pit session closes (when applicable).
MarketOnPitOpen8 Market order, released on pit session open (when applicable).
MarketToLimit9 When partially filled, remaining part filled as limit order by partial fill price.
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