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PositionChangeTypes Enumeration

Type of the changes in PositionChangeMessage.

Namespace:  StockSharp.Messages
Assembly:  StockSharp.Messages (in StockSharp.Messages.dll) Version: (4.4.17)
public enum PositionChangeTypes
  Member nameValueDescription
BeginValue0 Initial value.
CurrentValue1 Current value.
BlockedValue2 Blocked.
CurrentPrice3 Position price.
AveragePrice4 Average price.
UnrealizedPnL5 Unrealized profit.
RealizedPnL6 Realized profit.
VariationMargin7 Variation margin.
Currency8 Currency.
ExtensionInfo9 Obsolete. Extended information.
Leverage10 Margin leverage.
Commission11 Total commission.
CurrentValueInLots12 Current value (in lots).
DepoName13 Obsolete. The depositary where the physical security.
State14 Portfolio state.
ExpirationDate15 Expiration date.
CommissionTaker16 Commission (taker).
CommissionMaker17 Commission (maker).
SettlementPrice18 Settlement price.
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