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MessageTypes Enumeration

The types of messages.

Namespace:  StockSharp.Messages
Assembly:  StockSharp.Messages (in StockSharp.Messages.dll) Version: (4.4.16)
public enum MessageTypes
  Member nameValueDescription
Security0 Security info.
Level1Change1 Level1 market-data changes.
OrderRegister2 Register new order.
OrderReplace3 Modify order.
OrderPairReplace4 Pair order move.
OrderCancel5 Cancel order.
OrderGroupCancel6 Order group cancel.
Time7 Time change.
News8 News.
OrderError9 Obsolete. Order error (registration or cancel).
Portfolio10 Portfolio.
Position11 Obsolete. Position.
CandleTimeFrame12 Candle (time-frame).
QuoteChange13 Quotes change.
Execution14 Order execution.
PositionChange15 Position change.
PortfolioChange16 Portfolio change.
MarketData17 Subscribe/unsubscribe market-data.
NativeSecurityId18 Obsolete. Association SecurityId with Native.
Connect19 Connection string.
Disconnect20 Disconnect.
SecurityLookup21 Securities search.
PortfolioLookup22 Portfolio lookup.
SecurityLookupResult23 Security lookup result.
Error24 Error.
BoardState25 Session.
OrderStatus26 Order state request.
Board27 Electronic board info.
PortfolioLookupResult28 Portfolio lookup result.
ChangePassword29 Password change.
ClearQueue30 Clear message queue.
CandleTick31 Candle (tick).
CandleVolume32 Candle (volume).
CandleRange33 Candle (range).
CandlePnF34 Candle (X&0).
CandleRenko35 Candle (renko).
Reset36 Reset state.
MarketDataFinished37 Market data request finished.
Remove38 Remove object request (security, portfolio etc.).
UserInfo39 User info.
UserLookup40 Users search.
UserLookupResult41 Users search result.
BoardRequest42 Board subscription request.
BoardLookup43 Boards search.
BoardLookupResult44 Boards search result.
UserRequest45 User subscription request.
TimeFrameLookup46 Time-frames search.
TimeFrameLookupResult47 Time-frames search result.
Action48 Iterate action.
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