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IQFeedLevel1ColumnRegistry Class

The list of all available IQFeedLevel1Column.
Inheritance Hierarchy

Namespace:  StockSharp.IQFeed
Assembly:  StockSharp.IQFeed (in StockSharp.IQFeed.dll) Version: (4.4.17)
public class IQFeedLevel1ColumnRegistry

The IQFeedLevel1ColumnRegistry type exposes the following members.

Public propertyAllColumns
All IQFeedLevel1Column columns.
Public propertyStatic memberInstance
The IQFeedLevel1ColumnRegistry instance.
Public propertyItem
To get the column by name Name.
Public propertyOptionalColumns
Optional IQFeedLevel1Column columns.
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Public fieldAskMarket
The offer market identifier.
Public fieldAskPrice
Ask price.
Public fieldAskTime
Ask time.
Public fieldAskVolume
Ask volume.
Public fieldAvailableRegions
Possible regions.
Public fieldAverageDaysMaturity
The average time to delivery.
Public fieldBidMarket
The bid market identifier.
Public fieldBidPrice
Bid price.
Public fieldBidTime
Bid time.
Public fieldBidVolume
Bid volume.
Public fieldClose
Closing price.
Public fieldCloseRange1
Closing range.
Public fieldCloseRange2
Closing range.
Public fieldDecimalPrecision
The precision after the decimal point.
Public fieldDelay
The data delay time in minutes (if not real-time data used).
Public fieldExchangeId
Exchange id.
Public fieldExtendedTradeMarket
The market identifier of the last extended trade.
Public fieldExtendedTradePrice
The price of the last extended trade.
Public fieldExtendedTradeTime
The time of the last extended trade.
Public fieldExtendedTradeVolume
The volume of the last extended trade.
Public fieldFinancialStatusIndicator
Indicator code.
Public fieldFractionDisplayCode
The format of the fractional price.
Public fieldHigh
Highest session price.
Public fieldLastDate
The time of the last date trade.
Public fieldLastExtendedTradeDate
The date of the last extended trade.
Public fieldLastTradeId
Last trade ID.
Public fieldLastTradeMarket
The last trade market identifier.
Public fieldLastTradePrice
Last trade price.
Public fieldLastTradeTime
Time of last trade.
Public fieldLastTradeVolume
Last trade volume.
Public fieldLow
Lowest session price.
Public fieldMarketOpen
The market opening event flag.
Public fieldMessageContents
Content codes.
Public fieldMostRecentTradeConditions
The most frequent trade condition.
Public fieldMostRecentTradeDate
The most frequent trade date.
Public fieldMostRecentTradeMarket
The market identifier of the most frequent trade.
Public fieldMostRecentTradePrice
The most frequent trade price.
Public fieldMostRecentTradeTime
The most frequent trade time.
Public fieldMostRecentTradeVolume
The most frequent trade volume.
Public fieldNetAssetValueFx
The value of net yield for FX.
Public fieldNetAssetValueMutualFonds
The value of net yield for mutual funds.
Public fieldOpen
Opening price.
Public fieldOpenInterest
Open interest.
Public fieldOpenRange1
Opening range.
Public fieldOpenRange2
Opening range.
Public fieldPrevDayVolume
The volume of the previous trading session.
Public fieldSettle
Estimated value.
Public fieldSettlementDate
Settlement date.
Public fieldSevenDayYield
7 day yield.
Public fieldShortSaleRestrictedCode
The flag which means the short sales allow ability.
Public fieldSymbol
Security code.
Public fieldTotalVolume
Total session volume.
Public fieldTradeCount
The number of trades per session.
Public fieldVWAP
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