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IFileService Interface

The interface describing the service to work with files and documents.

Namespace:  StockSharp.Community
Assembly:  StockSharp.Community (in StockSharp.Community.dll) Version: (4.4.16)
public interface IFileService

The IFileService type exposes the following members.

Public methodBeginDownload
To start downloading the file.
Public methodBeginUpload
To start uploading the file to the site.
Public methodBeginUploadExisting
To start uploading the file to the site.
Public methodDelete
To delete the file.
Public methodFinishDownload
To finish downloading the file.
Public methodFinishUpload
To finish uploading the file.
Public methodGetFileInfo
To get the file data.
Public methodGetUploadLimit
To get a upload size limit.
Public methodProcessDownload
Download part of file.
Public methodProcessUpload
Upload part of file.
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