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Position Class

The position by the instrument.
Inheritance Hierarchy

Namespace:  StockSharp.BusinessEntities
Assembly:  StockSharp.BusinessEntities (in StockSharp.BusinessEntities.dll) Version: (4.4.17)
public class Position : NotifiableObject, IExtendableEntity

The Position type exposes the following members.

Public methodPosition
Initializes a new instance of the Position.
Public propertyAveragePrice
Average price.
Public propertyBeginValue
Position size at the beginning of the trading session.
Public propertyBlockedValue
Position size, registered for active orders.
Public propertyClientCode
Client code assigned by the broker.
Public propertyCommission
Total commission.
Public propertyCommissionMaker
Commission (maker).
Public propertyCommissionTaker
Commission (taker).
Public propertyCurrency
Portfolio currency.
Public propertyCurrentPrice
Position price.
Public propertyCurrentValue
Current position size.
Public propertyDepoName
The depositary where the physical security.
Public propertyDescription
Text position description.
Public propertyExpirationDate
Expiration date.
Public propertyExtensionInfo
Extended information.
Public propertyLastChangeTime
Time of last position change.
Public propertyLeverage
Margin leverage.
Public propertyLimitType
Limit type for Т+ market.
Public propertyLocalTime
Local time of the last position change.
Public propertyPortfolio
Portfolio, in which position is created.
Public propertyRealizedPnL
Realized profit.
Public propertySecurity
Security, for which a position was created.
Public propertySettlementPrice
Settlement price.
Public propertyUnrealizedPnL
Unrealized profit.
Public propertyVariationMargin
Variation margin.
Public methodClone
Create a copy of Position.
Public methodCopyTo
To copy fields of the current position to destination.
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Public eventPropertyChanging (Inherited from NotifiableObject.)
Extension Methods
Public Extension MethodAddValue
Add value into ExtensionInfo.
(Defined by ExtandableEntityHelper.)
Public Extension MethodApplyChanges
Apply changes to the position object.
(Defined by TraderHelper.)
Public Extension MethodChanged
To create a rule for the position change event.
(Defined by MarketRuleHelper.)
Public Extension MethodCopyExtensionInfo
Copy extended info.
(Defined by Extensions.)
Public Extension MethodGetDirection
To get the order direction for the position.
(Defined by TraderHelper.)
Public Extension MethodGetValueT
Get value from ExtensionInfo.
(Defined by ExtandableEntityHelper.)
Public Extension MethodToChangeMessage
To convert the position into message.
(Defined by MessageConverterHelper.)
Public Extension MethodToPositionManager
Convert the position object to the type IPositionManager.
(Defined by TraderHelper.)
Public Extension MethodWhenLess
To create a rule for the event of position decrease below the specific level.
(Defined by MarketRuleHelper.)
Public Extension MethodWhenMore
To create a rule for the event of position increase above the specific level.
(Defined by MarketRuleHelper.)
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