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EmulationSettings Class

Emulation settings.
Inheritance Hierarchy

Namespace:  StockSharp.Algo.Strategies.Testing
Assembly:  StockSharp.Algo (in StockSharp.Algo.dll) Version: (4.4.17)
public class EmulationSettings : MarketEmulatorSettings

The EmulationSettings type exposes the following members.

Public methodEmulationSettings
Initializes a new instance of the EmulationSettings.
Public propertyBatchSize
Number of simultaneously tested strategies.
Public propertyBufferTime
Responses shall be sent in intervals by whole package. The network delay and buffered operation of exchange are emulated. The default is 0 ms.
(Inherited from MarketEmulatorSettings.)
Public propertyCheckMoney
Check money balance.
(Inherited from MarketEmulatorSettings.)
Public propertyCheckShortable
Can have short positions.
(Inherited from MarketEmulatorSettings.)
Public propertyCheckTradableDates
Check loading dates are they tradable.
Public propertyCheckTradingState
Check trading state.
(Inherited from MarketEmulatorSettings.)
Public propertyConvertTime
To convert time for orders and trades into exchange time. By default, it is disabled.
(Inherited from MarketEmulatorSettings.)
Public propertyDepthDataMode
What market depths to use.
Public propertyDepthExpirationTime
The maximal time, during which the order book is in the emulator, if no renewal during this time, the order book is deleted, This feature may be used to remove old order books if the are holes in data. By default is equal to 1 day.
(Inherited from MarketEmulatorSettings.)
Public propertyFailing
The percentage value of new orders registration error. The value may be from 0 (not a single error) to 100. By default is Off.
(Inherited from MarketEmulatorSettings.)
Public propertyIncreaseDepthVolume
To add the additional volume into order book at registering orders with greater volume. By default, it is enabled.
(Inherited from MarketEmulatorSettings.)
Public propertyInitialOrderId
The number, starting at which the emulator will generate identifiers for orders Id.
(Inherited from MarketEmulatorSettings.)
Public propertyInitialTradeId
The number, starting at which the emulator will generate identifiers fir trades Id.
(Inherited from MarketEmulatorSettings.)
Public propertyInitialTransactionId
The number, starting at which the emulator will generate numbers for order trades TransactionId.
(Inherited from MarketEmulatorSettings.)
Public propertyIsSupportAtomicReRegister
Gets a value indicating whether the re-registration orders as a single transaction. By default is enabled.
(Inherited from MarketEmulatorSettings.)
Public propertyLatency
The minimal value of the registered orders delay. By default, it is Zero, which means instant adoption of registered orders by exchange.
(Inherited from MarketEmulatorSettings.)
Public propertyLogLevel
Logging level.
Public propertyMarketTimeChangedInterval
Time change interval.
Public propertyMatchOnTouch
At emulation of clearing by trades, to perform clearing of orders, when trade price touches the order price (is equal to order price), rather than only when the trade price is better than order price. Is On by default (optimistic scenario).
(Inherited from MarketEmulatorSettings.)
Public propertyMaxDepth
The maximal depth of order book, which will be generated from ticks. It used, if there is no order book history. By default equals to 5.
(Inherited from MarketEmulatorSettings.)
Public propertyOrderLogDataMode
Use orders log.
Public propertyPortfolioRecalcInterval
The interval for recalculation of data on portfolios. If interval equals Zero, recalculation is not performed.
(Inherited from MarketEmulatorSettings.)
Public propertyPriceLimitOffset
The price shift from the previous trade, determining boundaries of maximal and minimal prices for the next session. Used only if there is no saved information Level1ChangeMessage. By default, it equals to 40%.
(Inherited from MarketEmulatorSettings.)
Public propertySpreadSize
The size of spread in price increments. It used at determination of spread for generation of order book from tick trades. By default equals to 2.
(Inherited from MarketEmulatorSettings.)
Public propertyStartTime
Date in history for starting the paper trading.
Public propertyStopTime
Date in history to stop the paper trading (date is included).
Public propertyTimeZone
Information about the time zone where the exchange is located.
(Inherited from MarketEmulatorSettings.)
Public propertyTradeDataMode
What trades to use.
Public propertyUnrealizedPnLInterval
Unrealized profit recalculation interval.
Public propertyVolumeMultiplier
The number of volume increments, at which the order exceeds the tick trade. It used at testing on tick trades. By default equals to 2.
(Inherited from MarketEmulatorSettings.)
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Public methodLoad
To load the state of paper trading parameters.
(Overrides MarketEmulatorSettingsLoad(SettingsStorage).)
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Public methodSave
To save the state of paper trading parameters.
(Overrides MarketEmulatorSettingsSave(SettingsStorage).)
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