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IRemoteStorage Interface

The interface describing the external market data storage access to which is organized through the WCF network connection (for more details see System.ServiceModel).

Namespace:  StockSharp.Algo.History.Hydra
Assembly:  StockSharp.Algo.History (in StockSharp.Algo.History.dll) Version: (4.4.16)
public interface IRemoteStorage : IAuthenticationService

The IRemoteStorage type exposes the following members.

Public methodAddSecurityExtendedInfo
Add extended info.
Public methodCreateSecurityExtendedFields
Create extended info storage.
Public methodDelete
To remove market data on specified date from the storage.
Public methodDeleteExchangeBoards
Delete exchange boards.
Public methodDeleteExchanges
Delete exchanges.
Public methodDeleteSecurities
Delete securities.
Public methodDeleteSecurityExtendedFields
Delete extended info storage.
Public methodDeleteSecurityExtendedInfo
Delete extended info.
Public methodDeleteUser
Delete existing user.
Public methodGetAllExtendedInfo
Get security extended info.
Public methodGetAvailableDataTypes
Get all available data types.
Public methodGetAvailableSecurities
Get all available instruments.
Public methodGetDates
To get all the dates for which market data are recorded.
Public methodGetExchangeBoards
Get exchange boards.
Public methodGetExchanges
Get exchanges.
Public methodGetExtendedInfoSecurities
Get security extended fields (names and types).
Public methodGetId
Get a user id.
(Inherited from IAuthenticationService.)
Public methodGetSecurities
Get securities.
Public methodGetSecurityExtendedFields
Get security extended fields (names and types).
Public methodGetSecurityExtendedInfo
Get security extended info.
Public methodGetSecurityExtendedStorages
Get security extended storage names.
Public methodGetUsers
Get users.
Public methodLoadStream
To download market data in the StockSharp storage format.
Public methodLogin
To log in.
(Inherited from IAuthenticationService.)
Public methodLogin2
To log in.
(Inherited from IAuthenticationService.)
Public methodLogin3
To log in.
(Inherited from IAuthenticationService.)
Public methodLogout
(Inherited from IAuthenticationService.)
Public methodLookupExchangeBoards
To find exchange board codes that match the filter criteria.
Public methodLookupExchanges
To find exchange codes that match the filter criteria.
Public methodLookupSecurityIds
To find instrument identifiers that match the filter criteria.
Public methodPing
Track the session is alive.
(Inherited from IAuthenticationService.)
Public methodRestart
Restart server.
Public methodSave
Save market-data into StockSharp storage format.
Public methodSaveExchangeBoards
Save exchange boards.
Public methodSaveExchanges
Save exchanges.
Public methodSaveSecurities
Save securities.
Public methodSaveUser
Save user info.
Public methodStartDownloading
Start downloading.
Public methodStopDownloading
Stop downloading.
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