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MessageAdapterWrapper Properties

The MessageAdapterWrapper type exposes the following members.

Public propertyCandlesBuildFrom
Possible options for candles building.
Public propertyCategories
Message adapter categories.
Public propertyCheckTimeFrameByRequest
Check possible time-frame by request.
Public propertyCurrentTime
Current time, which will be passed to the Time.
Public propertyHeartbeatInterval
Server check interval for track the connection alive. The value is Zero turned off tracking.
Public propertyInnerAdapter
Underlying adapter.
Public propertyIsFullCandlesOnly
Translates CandleMessage as only fully filled.
Public propertyIsNativeIdentifiers
Identify security in messages by native identifier Native.
Public propertyIsNativeIdentifiersPersistable
Native identifier can be stored.
Public propertyIsSecurityNewsOnly
Adapter provides news related with specified security.
Public propertyIsSupportCandlesUpdates
Support candles subscription and live updates.
Public propertyIsSupportExecutionsPnL
Adapter fills PnL.
Public propertyIsSupportOrderBookIncrements
Adapter translates incremental order books.
Public propertyIsSupportSubscriptions
Support any subscriptions (ticks, order books etc.).
Public propertyOrderCancelVolumeRequired
Volume required to cancel orders.
Public propertyOwnInnerAdapter
Control InnerAdapter lifetime.
Public propertyParent
Parental logs source.
Public propertyPossibleSupportedMessages
Possible supported by adapter message types.
Public propertyReConnectionSettings
Connection tracking settings IMessageAdapter with a server.
Protected propertySendInBackFurther
Auto send IsBack messages to InnerAdapter.
Public propertyStorageName
The storage name, associated with the adapter.
Public propertySupportedInMessages
Supported by adapter message types.
Public propertySupportedMarketDataTypes
Supported by adapter market data types.
Public propertySupportedOrderBookDepths
Available options for MaxDepth.
Public propertySupportedOutMessages
Supported by adapter message types.
Public propertySupportedResultMessages
Supported by adapter result message types.
Public propertyTransactionIdGenerator
Transaction id generator.
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