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CandleMessage Properties

The CandleMessage type exposes the following members.

Public propertyAdapter
Source adapter. Can be .
(Inherited from Message.)
Public propertyArg
Candle arg.
Public propertyBackMode
Back mode.
(Inherited from Message.)
Public propertyBuildFrom
Determines the message is generated from the specified DataType.
Public propertyClosePrice
Closing price.
Public propertyCloseTime
Close time.
Public propertyCloseVolume
Volume at close.
Public propertyDownTicks
Number of down trending ticks.
Public propertyExtensionInfo
Extended information.
(Inherited from Message.)
Public propertyHighPrice
Highest price.
Public propertyHighTime
Time of candle high.
Public propertyHighVolume
Volume at high.
Public propertyIsBack Obsolete.
Is loopback message.
(Inherited from Message.)
Public propertyLocalTime
Local timestamp when a message was received/created.
(Inherited from Message.)
Public propertyLowPrice
Lowest price.
Public propertyLowTime
Time of candle low.
Public propertyLowVolume
Volume at low.
Public propertyOfflineMode
Offline mode handling message.
(Inherited from Message.)
Public propertyOpenInterest
Open interest.
Public propertyOpenPrice
Opening price.
Public propertyOpenTime
Open time.
Public propertyOpenVolume
Volume at open.
Public propertyOriginalTransactionId
ID of the original message TransactionId for which this message is a response.
Public propertyPriceLevels
Price levels.
Public propertyRelativeVolume
Relative volume.
Public propertySecurityId
Security ID.
Public propertySeqNum
Sequence number.
Public propertyState
Public propertySubscriptionId
Subscription id.
Public propertySubscriptionIds
Public propertyTotalPrice
Total price size.
Public propertyTotalTicks
Number of ticks.
Public propertyTotalVolume
Total volume.
Public propertyType
Message type.
(Inherited from Message.)
Public propertyUpTicks
Number of up trending ticks.
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