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Security Properties

The Security type exposes the following members.

Public propertyAsksCount
Number of sell orders.
Public propertyAsksVolume
Total volume in all sell orders.
Public propertyAveragePrice
Average price per session.
Public propertyBasketCode
Basket security type. Can be in case of regular security.
Public propertyBasketExpression
Basket security expression. Can be in case of regular security.
Public propertyBestAsk
Best ask in market depth.
Public propertyBestBid
Best bid in market depth.
Public propertyBestPair
Best pair quotes.
Public propertyBidsCount
Number of buy orders.
Public propertyBidsVolume
Total volume in all buy orders.
Public propertyBinaryOptionType
Type of binary option.
Public propertyBoard
Exchange board where the security is traded.
Public propertyBuyBackDate
BuyBack date.
Public propertyBuyBackPrice
BuyBack price.
Public propertyCfiCode
Type in ISO 10962 standard.
Public propertyClass
Security class.
Public propertyClosePrice
Last trade price for the previous session.
Public propertyCode
Security code.
Public propertyCommissionMaker
Commission (maker).
Public propertyCommissionTaker
Commission (taker).
Public propertyCurrency
Trading security currency.
Public propertyDecimals
Number of digits in price after coma.
Public propertyDelta
Option delta.
Public propertyExpiryDate
Security expiration date (for derivatives - expiration, for bonds — redemption).
Public propertyExtensionInfo
Extended information.
Public propertyExternalId
Security ID in other systems.
Public propertyFaceValue
Face value.
Public propertyGamma
Option gamma.
Public propertyHighBidPrice
Maximum bid during the session.
Public propertyHighPrice
Highest price for the session.
Public propertyHistoricalVolatility
Volatility (historical).
Public propertyId
Security ID.
Public propertyImpliedVolatility
Volatility (implied).
Public propertyIssueDate
Date of issue.
Public propertyIssueSize
Number of issued contracts.
Public propertyLastChangeTime
Time of the last instrument change.
Public propertyLastTrade
Information about the last trade. If during the session on the instrument there were no trades, the value equals to .
Public propertyLocalTime
Local time of the last instrument change.
Public propertyLowAskPrice
Minimum ask during the session.
Public propertyLowPrice
Lowest price for the session.
Public propertyMarginBuy
Initial margin to buy.
Public propertyMarginSell
Initial margin to sell.
Public propertyMaxPrice
Upper price limit.
Public propertyMaxVolume
Maximum volume allowed in order.
Public propertyMinPrice
Lower price limit.
Public propertyMinVolume
Minimum volume allowed in order.
Public propertyMultiplier
Lot multiplier.
Public propertyName
Security name.
Public propertyOpenInterest
Number of open positions (open interest).
Public propertyOpenPrice
First trade price for the session.
Public propertyOptionType
Option type.
Public propertyPriceStep
Minimum price step.
Public propertyRho
Option rho.
Public propertySettlementDate
Settlement date for security (for derivatives and bonds).
Public propertySettlementPrice
Settlement price.
Public propertyShortable
Can have short positions.
Public propertyShortName
Short security name.
Public propertyState
Current state of security.
Public propertyStepPrice
Step price.
Public propertyStrike
Option strike price.
Public propertyTheorPrice
Theoretical price.
Public propertyTheta
Option theta.
Public propertyTradesCount
Number of trades.
Public propertyTurnover
Public propertyType
Security type.
Public propertyUnderlyingSecurityId
Underlying asset on which the current security is built.
Public propertyUnderlyingSecurityMinVolume
Minimum volume allowed in order for underlying security.
Public propertyUnderlyingSecurityType
Underlying security type.
Public propertyVega
Option vega.
Public propertyVolume
Volume per session.
Public propertyVolumeStep
Minimum volume step.
Public propertyVWAP
Average price.
Public propertyYield
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