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Order Properties

The Order type exposes the following members.

Public propertyBalance
Order contracts balance.
Public propertyBoardId
Board order id. Uses in case of Id and StringId is a brokerage system ids.
Public propertyBrokerCode
Broker firm code.
Public propertyClientCode
Client code assigned by the broker.
Public propertyComment
Placed order comment.
Public propertyCommission
Commission (broker, exchange etc.).
Public propertyCommissionCurrency
Commission currency. Can be .
Public propertyCondition
Order condition (e.g., stop- and algo- orders parameters).
Public propertyCurrency
Trading security currency.
Public propertyDerivedOrder Obsolete.
Exchange order that was created by the stop-order when the condition is activated ( if a stop condition has not been activated).
Public propertyDirection
Order side (buy or sell).
Public propertyExpiryDate
Order expiry time. The default is , which mean (GTC).
Public propertyExtensionInfo
Extended information on order.
Public propertyId
Order ID.
Public propertyIsManual
Is order manual.
Public propertyIsMargin
Is margin enabled.
Public propertyIsMarketMaker
Is the order of market-maker.
Public propertyIsSystem
Is a system trade.
Public propertyLastChangeTime
Time of last order change (Cancellation, Fill).
Public propertyLatencyCancellation
Time taken to cancel an order.
Public propertyLatencyRegistration
Time taken to register an order.
Public propertyLocalTime
Last order change local time (Cancellation, Fill).
Public propertyMessages
Messages for order (created by the trading system when registered, changed or cancelled).
Public propertyPortfolio
Portfolio, in which the order is being traded.
Public propertyPrice
Order price.
Public propertyRepoInfo
Information for REPO\REPO-M orders.
Public propertyRpsInfo
Information for Negotiate Deals Mode orders.
Public propertySecurity
Security, for which an order is being placed.
Public propertySlippage
Slippage in trade price.
Public propertyState
Order state.
Public propertyStatus
System order status.
Public propertyStringId
Order ID (as string, if electronic board does not use numeric order ID representation).
Public propertyTime
Order placing time on exchange.
Public propertyTimeInForce
Limit order time in force.
Public propertyTransactionId
Transaction ID. Automatically set when the RegisterOrder(Order) method called.
Public propertyType
Order type.
Public propertyUserOrderId
User's order ID.
Public propertyVisibleVolume
Visible quantity of contracts in order.
Public propertyVolume
Number of contracts in the order.
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