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BaseAnalyticsStrategy Properties

The BaseAnalyticsStrategy type exposes the following members.

Public propertyAllowTrading
Allow trading.
(Overrides StrategyAllowTrading.)
Public propertyCancelOrdersWhenStopping
To cancel active orders at stop. Is On by default.
(Inherited from Strategy.)
Public propertyChildStrategies
Subsidiary trade strategies.
(Inherited from Strategy.)
Public propertyCommentMode
Set Comment by Name or Id.
(Overrides StrategyCommentMode.)
Public propertyCommentOrders Obsolete.
To add to Comment the name of the strategy Name, registering the order.
(Inherited from Strategy.)
Public propertyCommission
Total commission.
(Inherited from Strategy.)
Public propertyConnector
Connection to the trading system.
(Inherited from Strategy.)
Public propertyCurrentRegisterCount
Current number of order changes.
(Inherited from Strategy.)
Public propertyCurrentTime
Current time, which will be passed to the Time.
(Inherited from Strategy.)
Public propertyDisposeOnStop
Automatically to clear resources, used by the strategy, when it stops (state ProcessState becomes equal to Stopped) and delete it from the parent strategy through ChildStrategies.
(Inherited from Strategy.)
Public propertyEnvironment
Strategy environment parameters.
(Inherited from Strategy.)
Public propertyErrorCount
The current number of errors.
(Inherited from Strategy.)
Public propertyErrorState
The state of an error.
(Inherited from Strategy.)
Public propertyFrom
Start date.
Public propertyId
Strategy ID.
(Inherited from Strategy.)
Public propertyIsDisposed (Inherited from Disposable.)
Public propertyIsRoot
Whether the source is the root (even if Parent is not equal to ).
(Inherited from BaseLogSource.)
Public propertyIsRulesSuspended
Is rules execution suspended.
(Inherited from Strategy.)
Public propertyLatency
Total latency.
(Inherited from Strategy.)
Public propertyLogLevel
The logging level for the source.
(Inherited from Strategy.)
Public propertyMaxErrorCount
The maximal number of errors, which strategy shall receive prior to stop operation.
(Inherited from Strategy.)
Public propertyMaxOrderRegisterErrorCount
The maximum number of order registration errors above which the algorithm will be stopped.
(Overrides StrategyMaxOrderRegisterErrorCount.)
Public propertyMaxRegisterCount
The maximum number of orders above which the algorithm will be stopped.
(Overrides StrategyMaxRegisterCount.)
Public propertyMyTrades
Trades, matched during the strategy operation.
(Inherited from Strategy.)
Public propertyName
Strategy name.
(Inherited from Strategy.)
Public propertyNameGenerator
The generator of strategy name.
(Inherited from Strategy.)
Public propertyOrderFails
Orders with errors, registered within the strategy.
(Inherited from Strategy.)
Public propertyOrderRegisterErrorCount
Current number of order registration errors.
(Inherited from Strategy.)
Public propertyOrders
Orders, registered within the strategy framework.
(Inherited from Strategy.)
Public propertyOrdersKeepTime
The time for storing Orders and StopOrders orders in memory. By default it equals to 2 days. If value is set in Zero, orders will not be deleted.
(Inherited from Strategy.)
Protected propertyPanel
Result panel.
Public propertyParameters
Strategy parameters.
(Inherited from Strategy.)
Public propertyParent
Parental logs source.
(Inherited from BaseLogSource.)
Public propertyPnL
The aggregate value of profit-loss without accounting commission Commission.
(Inherited from Strategy.)
Public propertyPnLManager
The profit-loss manager. It accounts trades of this strategy, as well as of its subsidiary strategies ChildStrategies.
(Inherited from Strategy.)
Public propertyPortfolio
(Overrides StrategyPortfolio.)
Public propertyPosition
The position aggregate value.
(Inherited from Strategy.)
Public propertyPositionManager Obsolete.
The position manager. It accounts trades of this strategy, as well as of its subsidiary strategies ChildStrategies.
(Inherited from Strategy.)
Public propertyPositions
Get all positions.
(Inherited from Strategy.)
Public propertyProcessState
The operation state.
(Inherited from Strategy.)
Public propertyRegisterInterval
The order registration interval above which the new order would not be registered.
(Overrides StrategyRegisterInterval.)
Public propertyRestoreChildOrders
Restore orders last time was registered by child strategies.
(Inherited from Strategy.)
Public propertyResultType
Result type.
Public propertyRiskManager
The risks control manager.
(Inherited from Strategy.)
Public propertyRules
Registered rules.
(Inherited from Strategy.)
Public propertySecurity
(Inherited from Strategy.)
Public propertySlippage
Total slippage.
(Inherited from Strategy.)
Public propertyStartedTime
Strategy start time.
(Inherited from Strategy.)
Public propertyStatisticManager
The statistics manager.
(Inherited from Strategy.)
Public propertyStopOnChildStrategyErrors
Stop strategy when child strategies causes errors.
(Inherited from Strategy.)
Public propertyStopOrders Obsolete.
Stop-orders, registered within the strategy framework.
(Inherited from Strategy.)
Protected propertyStorageFormat
Data format.
Public propertyStorateRegistry
Market-data storage.
Public propertyTo
End date.
Public propertyTotalWorkingTime
The total time of strategy operation less time periods, when strategy was stopped.
(Inherited from Strategy.)
Public propertyUnrealizedPnLInterval
The interval for unrealized profit recalculation. The default value is 1 minute.
(Inherited from Strategy.)
Public propertyUnsubscribeOnStop
Unsubscribe all active subscription while strategy become stopping.
(Overrides StrategyUnsubscribeOnStop.)
Public propertyVolume
Operational volume.
(Overrides StrategyVolume.)
Public propertyWaitAllTrades
Stop strategy only after getting all trades by registered orders.
(Inherited from Strategy.)
Public propertyWaitRulesOnStop
Wait Rules to finish before strategy become into Stopped state.
(Overrides StrategyWaitRulesOnStop.)
Public propertyWorkingTime
Working schedule.
(Inherited from Strategy.)
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