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StockSharp.Xaml.PropertyGrid Namespace

PropertyGridEx component.

Public classCandleSettingsEditor
Editor for CandleSeries.
Public classCommissionRulesEditor
Editor for CommissionRule.
Public classDataTypeEditor
DataType editor.
Public classDriveComboBoxEditor
Editor for IMarketDataDrive.
Public classExchangeBoardEditor
Editor for ExchangeBoard.
Public classExchangeEditor
Editor for Exchange.
Public classExtendedInfoStorageEditor
Editor for extended storage.
Public classExtensionInfoEditor
The button activating the window ExtensionInfoWindow.
Public classPortfolioEditor
The control activating PortfolioPickerWindow.
Public classPropertyGridEx
The extended table of settings.
Public classRiskRulesEditor
Editor for IRiskRule.
Public classSecuritiesEditor
Editor to select multiples securities.
Public classSecurityEditor
The control activating SecurityPickerWindow.
Public classSpecialDaysControl
Editor for SpecialDays.
Public classSpecialDaysOfWeekControl
Editor for SpecialDays.
Public classWorkingTimeControl
Editor for WorkingTime.
Public classWorkingTimeEditor
Editor for WorkingTime.
Public interfaceISecuritiesSelectWindow
The interface for a window to select multiples securities.