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StockSharp.Xaml.Diagram.Elements Namespace

Public classAlertDiagramElement
Notification element (sound, window etc.) for specific market events.
Public classBaseStrategyDiagramElement
The element which is using strategy, based on S#.API.
Public classCandleSourceDiagramElement
Candles source element.
Public classChartDiagramElement
Chart panel element (candles display area, indicators, orders and trades).
Public classChartDiagramElementChartIndicatorElementWrapper
Public classCheckWorkingTimeDiagramElement
Working time verification element for a specified security.
Public classComparisonDiagramElement
Two values comparison element.
Public classDiagramExternalAttribute
Attribute, applied to methods or parameters, to create input socket.
Public classIndexerDiagramElement
The element of collection or dictionary.
Public classIndicatorDiagramElement
Indicator element.
Public classIndicatorPainterAttribute
Attribute, applied to class, to create renderer type for indicator extended drawing.
Public classLevel1DiagramElement
The Level1 element.
Public classLogicalConditionDiagramElement
Logical condition element.
Public classLogicOneParamFunctionDiagramElement
Logical function with one argument element.
Public classMarketDepthDiagramElement
Security market depth changes receiving element.
Public classMarketDepthGroupedDiagramElement
Grouped market depth element.
Public classMarketDepthImpliedVolatilityDiagramElement
Implied volatility market depth element.
Public classMarketDepthSparsedDiagramElement
Sparsed market depth element.
Public classMarketDepthTruncateDiagramElement
Truncate market depth element.
Public classMathDiagramElement
Formula with two arguments element.
Public classOneParamFunctionDiagramElement
Formula with one argument element.
Public classOptionsBlackScholesDiagramElement
The Black-Scholes "Greeks" evaluation element.
Public classOptionsHedgeDiagramElement
Options hedging diagram element.
Public classOptionsQuotingDiagramElement
Options quoting diagram element.
Public classOptionsStrikesDiagramElement
Filtering derivatives by underlying asset diagram element.
Public classOrderCancelElement
Order cancelling element.
Public classOrderMassCancelElement
Order mass cancelling element.
Public classOrderRegisterDiagramElement
Position opening element.
Public classOrderReplaceElement
Order replacing element.
Public classOrderTradesDiagramElement
Trades per order element.
Public classPartDiagramElement
Composite value of a complex object receiving element.
Public classPassThroughDiagramElement
Combined values element.
Public classPositionDiagramElement
Position element (for security and money) for the specified portfolio.
Public classPreviousValueDiagramElement
Previous value receiving element.
Public classProtectPositionDiagramElement
Open position protection element.
Public classSecurityIndexDiagramElement
Security index based on ExpressionIndexSecurity diagram element.
Public classStrategyDiagramElement
The element which is using compiled strategy, based on S#.API.
Public classStrategyPnLDiagramElement
Position element (for security and money) for the specified portfolio.
Public classStrategyTradesDiagramElement
Strategy trades element.
Public classTradeAllowedDiagramElement
Is trade allowed verification element.
Public classTwoParamFunctionDiagramElement
Formula with two arguments element.
Public classTypedDiagramElementT
The diagram element with the changeable data type.
Public classVariableDiagramElement
Value storage element.
Public enumerationBlackScholesGreeks
Black-Scholes "greeks".
Public enumerationLogicalConditionDiagramElementCondition
The logical condition type.
Public enumerationOptionsQuotingTypes
Options quoting types.