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StockSharp.Xaml.Diagram Namespace

Visual strategies designer.

Public classCompositionDiagramElement
Composite element.
Public classCompositionRegistry
The storage of composite elements.
Public classDebuggerSyncObject
The synchronization object for the composite elements debugger.
Public classDiagramDebugger
The debugger of the diagram composite element.
Public classDiagramEditorControl
Graphical component for editing CompositionDiagramElement.
Public classDiagramElement
The diagram element.
Public classDiagramElementParamT
The diagram element parameter.
Public classDiagramElementParameters
Current values of diagram element parameters.
Public classDiagramElementParamHelper
Extension class for IDiagramElementParam.
Public classDiagramPaletteControl
The graphical component to display available DiagramElement.
Public classDiagramSocket
Public classDiagramSocketBreakpoint
DiagramSocket breakpoint.
Public classDiagramSocketListBox
The graphical component to display the diagram element connections list.
Public classDiagramSocketListBoxItem
The graphical component for the list element to display the diagram element connections.
Public classDiagramSocketType
Connection type.
Public classDiagramSocketUniqueKeys
The unique diagram socket keys.
Public classDiagramSocketValue
The value for the connection.
Public classDiagramStrategy
The strategy whose algorithm is presented in the form of a diagram.
Public classIndicatorTypeItemsSource
The graphical component for the indicator type choosing.
Public classPaletteTreeItem
Palette element.
Public classSocketTypesSource
The graphical component for the connection type choosing.
Public interfaceIDiagramElementParam
The diagram element parameter.
Public enumerationDiagramSocketDirection
Directions of connections.
Public enumerationSchemeTypes
Scheme types.