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StockSharp.Xaml.Charting Namespace

WPF candle chart and equity components.

Public classBubbleChart
The graphical component to display bubble chart.
Public classCandleSettingsWindow
The window for edit CandleSeries.
Public classChart
The graphic component of the candles charts display.
Public classChartActiveOrdersElement
The chart element representing active orders.
Public classChartAnnotation
Public classChartArea
Chart area.
Public classChartAxis
The chart axis.
Public classChartBandElement
The chart element representing a band.
Public classChartBaseViewModel
Base class for chart related view models.
Public classChartBubbleElement
The chart element representing bubbles.
Public classChartCandleElement
The chart element representing a candle.
Public classChartCandleElementPicker
The window for select candle series element.
Public classChartDrawData
Chart drawing data.
Public classChartDrawDataAnnotationData
Used to transfer annotation draw data.
Public classChartDrawDataChartDrawDataItem
Chart drawing data item.
Public classChartElementT
The base class that describes the chart element (indicator, candle, etc.).
Public classChartElementEditor
The chart elements editor.
Public classChartHelper
Extension class for IChart.
Public classChartIndicatorElement
The chart element representing the indicator.
Public classChartLineElement
The chart element representing a line.
Public classChartOrderElement
The chart element representing orders.
Public classChartPanel
The extended graphical component for candle charts displaying.
Public classChartPanelOrderSettings
Chart order registering settings.
Public classChartPanelShareSettings
Chart share (upload image to web) settings.
Public classChartPartT
The base class that describes the part of the chart.
Public classChartThemes
Chart themes.
Public classChartTradeElement
The chart element representing trades.
Public classChartTransactionElementT
The base class that describes the Orders Or Trades chart element.
Public classChartVolatilitySmileElement
The chart element representing a band.
Public classEquityCurveChart
The graphical component to display the equity curve.
Public classEquityData
Equity data.
Public classExtendedBaseApplication
The extended base class for WPF applications.
Public classHeatmapChart
The graphical component to display the heatmap.
Public classHistogramChart
The graphical component to display histogram.
Public classIndicatorAttribute
Attribute, applied to indicator's painter, to provide information about type of IIndicator.
Public classIndicatorPickerWindow
The indicator selection window.
Public classIndicatorType
The indicator type description.
Public classLineDataTKey
Line data.
Public classOptionPositionChart
The chart showing the position and options Greeks regarding to the underlying asset.
Public classOptionVolatilitySmileChart
Options volatility smile chart.
Public interfaceChartDrawDataIDrawValue
Interface which represents all chart draw data types.
Public interfaceIChart
The interface for work with the chart.
Public interfaceIChartElement
The interface that describes the chart element (indicator, candle, etc.).
Public interfaceIChartIndicatorPainter
The interface describing the indicator renderer on the chart (for example, lines, histograms, etc.).
Public interfaceIThemeableChart
Base interface for all chart components.
Public enumerationChartAnnotationTypes
The annotations types.
Public enumerationChartAxisAlignment
Location of axes on the chart.
Public enumerationChartAxisType
Chart axes types.
Public enumerationChartCandleDrawStyles
Styles of the candles chart drawing.
Public enumerationChartIndicatorDrawStyles
Indicator chart drawing styles.
Public enumerationChartOrderElementDisplayFilter
Orders display filter.
Public enumerationLineChartStyles
Equity curve chart drawing styles.
Public enumerationOptionPositionChartParams
The parameters types to be displayed on the chart OptionPositionChart.