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StockSharp.Xaml Namespace

WPF components (candle chart, tables etc.).

Public classAboutWindow
The window for browsing application information.
Public classAdvertisePanel
Panel for advertising action displaying.
Public classAppStartSettings
Application start configuration.
Public classAutoCompletePopUp
A pop-up window to select a suitable instrument.
Public classBaseApplication
The base class for WPF applications.
Public classBasketPortfolioWindow
The window for portfolios basket editing.
Public classBuySellGrid
Table control, containing set of BuySellPanel.
Public classBuySellPanel
Buy/sell operations panel.
Public classCandleMessageGrid
Table showing (CandleMessage.
Public classChangePasswordWindow
The window for changing password.
Public classChatPanel
Chat panel.
Public classColoredIconExtension
Xaml extension to apply color to SVG icons.
Public classCommissionPanel
The panel for the list editing ICommissionRule.
Public classCommissionWindow
The window for the list editing ICommissionRule.
Public classConnectorInfo
Information about connection.
Public classConnectorSupportedMessagesPanel
The panel for modifying SupportedInMessages.
Public classConnectorWindow
The window for new connections creating IMessageAdapter.
Public classContinuousSecurityWindow
The window for creating or editing ContinuousSecurity.
Public classCredentialsWindow
The window for editing ServerCredentials.
Public classDataSourcePanel
Select datasource panel.
Public classDoc
This class is used to register attached property UrlProperty.
Public classDriveComboBox
Combo box to select market data storage.
Public classExchangeBoardsPanel
Editor of exchange boards.
Public classExchangesPanel
Editor of exchange boards.
Public classExecutionGrid
Table showing (ExecutionMessage.
Public classExtendedInfoStorageComboBox
The drop-down list for extended storage selection.
Public classExtendedInfoStorageWindow
The extended storage selection window.
Public classExtensionInfoPicker
The button activating the window ExtensionInfoWindow.
Public classExtensionInfoWindow
The window for extended information editing ExtensionInfo.
Public classExtensions
Extension class.
Public classFileProgressWindow
File uploading/downloading progress bar window.
Public classGuiLogListener
The logger recording data to visual components (for example, Monitor or LogControl) that require synchronization with the GUI threads when new messages are recorded LogMessage.
Public classHelpButton
Help button.
Public classImportDataMappingButton
Button to open ImportDataMappingWindow.
Public classImportDataMappingWindow
The window for editing importing mapping values.
Public classImportPreviewWindow
Window for preview of importing data.
Public classImportSelectAdapterWindow
Select adapter window.
Public classImportSettingsEditor
Editor for ImportSettings.
Public classImportSettingsListEditor
Editor for ImportSettings collection.
Public classImportSettingsListWindow
The window for the list editing ImportSettings.
Public classImportSettingsPanel
The visual panel to edit importing settings.
Public classImportSettingsWindow
The window for editing ImportSettings.
Public classIndexEditor
The graphic control for editing ExpressionIndexSecurity.
Public classIndexSecurityWindow
The window for editing ExpressionIndexSecurity.
Public classIpListEditor
Editor for IPAddress collection.
Public classIpListEditorWindow
Ip address list editor.
Public classLevel1FieldsComboBox
The drop-down list to select a set of fields Level1Fields.
Public classLevel1Grid
The table to display a message Level1ChangeMessage.
Public classLicensePanel
UI component for License.
Public classLogControl
The graphical component for logs displaying.
Public classLogMessageCollection
The debug messages collection.
Public classLogWindow
The window to display logs.
Public classMarketDataGrid
The table of available market data.
Public classMarketDepthControl
The visual control displaying the order book with quotes (MarketDepth).
Public classMarketRuleGrid
The panel for the list editing IMarketRule.
Public classMonitor
The component for trading strategies work monitoring.
Public classMonitorWindow
The window for trading strategies work monitoring.
Public classMyTradeGrid
A table showing own trades (MyTrade).
Public classNewsGrid
The table showing the news (News).
Public classNewsMessageGrid
Table showing (NewsMessage.
Public classNewsMessagePanel
The visual panel with the news.
Public classNewsPanel
The visual panel with the news.
Public classNewsStoryPanel
The visual panel for display Story.
Public classOptionDesk
Option desk.
Public classOptionDeskModel
Option desk model.
Public classOptionDeskRow
The option desk row.
Public classOptionDeskRowOptionDeskRowSide
Call or Put side of the row.
Public classOrderConditionalGrid Obsolete.
A table showing conditional orders (Order).
Public classOrderConditionalWindow
The window for the conditional order creating.
Public classOrderGrid
The table showing orders (Order).
Public classOrderLogGrid
The table displaying the orders log (OrderLogItem).
Public classOrderWindow
The window for the order creating.
Public classPermissionCredentialsPanel
The panel for edit credentials.
Public classPermissionCredentialsWindow
The window for edit credentials.
Public classPortfolioComboBox
The drop-down list to select portfolio.
Public classPortfolioDataSource
Data source for portfolio based controls.
Public classPortfolioGrid
The table showing portfolios and positions.
Public classPortfolioMessageAdaptersWindow
The window for creation and editing of portfolios and adapters mapping.
Public classPortfolioPicker
The visual component for Portfolio searching and selection.
Public classPortfolioPickerWindow
The portfolio selection window.
Public classPositionChangeGrid
The table to display a message PositionChangeMessage.
Public classPositionChangeTypesComboBox
The drop-down list to select a set of types PositionChangeTypes.
Public classProxySettings
Proxy-server settings.
Public classQuestionWindow
Suggestions window.
Public classQuickOrderPanel
Panel for quick orders transactions.
Public classRangeListEditor
Editor of time range list.
Public classRatingWindow
Rating window.
Public classRiskPanel
The panel for the list editing IRiskRule.
Public classRiskWindow
The window for the list editing IRiskRule.
Public classRoutedCommands
Container for routed commands.
Public classSecretWindow
The window for set the secret.
Public classSecurityCreateWindow
The window for creating and editing Security.
Public classSecurityGrid
The table showing financial instruments (Security).
Public classSecurityIdTextBox
The text field is automatically generating the instrument identifier based on its variable fields Code and Board.
Public classSecurityJump
Rollover description for the instrument.
Public classSecurityJumpsEditor
Graphical component for editing of rollovers between instruments.
Public classSecurityLookupPanel
The instrument search panel.
Public classSecurityLookupWindow
The instrument search window.
Public classSecurityMappingPanel
The panel for creation and editing of symbols mapping.
Public classSecurityMappingWindow
The window for creation and editing of symbols mapping.
Public classSecurityMessageAdaptersWindow
The window for creation and editing of securities and adapters mapping.
Public classSecurityPicker
The visual component for Security searching and selection.
Public classSecurityPickerWindow
The instrument selection window.
Public classSecurityTypeComboBox
The drop-down list to select the instrument type.
Public classSessionInfo
Public classSettingsWindow
Settings window.
Public classSoundLogListener
Logger playing the music when a message received.
Public classSpeechLogListener
Logger speaking words when a message received.
Public classSplashScreenControl
The splash screen for application.
Public classStatisticParameterGrid
The visual panel to display parameters IStatisticParameter.
Public classStorageFormatComboBox
The drop-down list to select the instrument type.
Public classStorageSettingsPanel
The visual panel for storage settings.
Public classStorageSettingsWindow
The window with hosted StorageSettingsPanel.
Public classStrategiesDashboard
Strategies dashboard.
Public classStrategiesDashboardItem
Row item for StrategiesDashboard.
Public classStrategiesStatisticsPanel
The visual panel to display parameters IStatisticParameter of several strategies.
Public classSubscriptionCreateWindow
The window for creating and editing Subscription.
Public classSubscriptionInfo
Public classSubscriptionPanel
The visual panel for modify subscriptions.
Public classTargetPlatformFeature
Public classTargetPlatformWindow
The component to select a platform for the application.
Public classThemedIconsExtension
Xaml extension to use themed SVG icons.
Public classThemeExtensions
Extensions for Theme.
Public classThemeXamlHelper
Theme xaml helper.
Public classTradeGrid
The table showing tick trades (Trade).
Public classUnitEditor
The control for the class object Unit editing.
Public classUnitEditorSettings
Edit settings for UnitEditor.
Public classUnitWindow
The window for editing Unit.
Public classWithdrawWindow
The window for editing WithdrawInfo.
Public classWpfSchedulerTTask
Task scheduler used WPF timer.
Public classXamlIconAttribute
Specify icon, located in S#.Xaml library.
Public interfaceISecurityWindow
The interface that describes a window for trading instrument creating or editing.
Public interfaceISubscriptionsView
The interface for visual panel for modify subscriptions.
Public enumerationMarketDepthColumns
Columns of order book window.
Public enumerationMarketDepthExecuteOn
Market depth action triggers.