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StockSharp.Messages Namespace

Trading messages.

Public classBankDetails
Bank details.
Public classBaseChangeMessageTField
A message containing changes.
Public classBaseConnectionMessage
Base connect/disconnect message.
Public classBoardMessage
The message contains information about the electronic board.
Public classCandleMessage
The message contains information about the candle.
Public classCandleMessageVolumeProfile
Volume profile.
Public classCandlePriceLevel
The price level.
Public classChangePasswordMessage
Change password message.
Public classChannelMessageAdapter
Message adapter, forward messages through a transport channel IMessageChannel.
Public classConnectMessage
Connect to a server message (uses as a command in outgoing case, event in incoming case).
Public classCurrency
Public classCurrencyHelper
Extension class for Currency.
Public classDisconnectMessage
Disconnect from a server message (uses as a command in outgoing case, event in incoming case).
Public classErrorMessage
Error message.
Public classExecutionMessage
The message contains information about the execution.
Public classExtandableEntityHelper
Extension class for ExtensionInfo.
Public classExtensions
Extension class.
Public classInMemoryMessageAdapterProvider
In memory message adapter's provider.
Public classInMemoryMessageChannel
Message channel, based on the queue and operate within a single process.
Public classLevel1ChangeMessage
The message containing the level1 market data.
Public classMarketDataFinishedMessage
Market data request finished message.
Public classMarketDataMessage
Market-data message (uses as a subscribe/unsubscribe in outgoing case, confirmation event in incoming case).
Public classMessage
A message containing market data or command.
Public classMessageAdapter
The base adapter converts messages Message to the command of the trading system and back.
Public classMessageAdapterCategoryAttribute
Specifies a categories for message adapter.
Public classMessageAdapterWrapper
Base implementation of IMessageAdapterWrapper.
Public classMessagePriorityQueue
Sorted by LocalTime queue.
Public classNewsMessage
The message contains information about the news.
Public classOrderCancelMessage
A message containing the data for the cancellation of the order.
Public classOrderCondition
Base order condition (for example, for stop order algo orders).
Public classOrderGroupCancelMessage
The message containing the order group cancel filter.
Public classOrderLogMarketDepthBuilder
Default implementation of IOrderLogMarketDepthBuilder.
Public classOrderMessage
A message containing info about the order.
Public classOrderPairReplaceMessage
The message containing the information for modify order's pair.
Public classOrderRegisterMessage
The message containing the information for the order registration.
Public classOrderReplaceMessage
The message containing the information for modify order.
Public classOrderStatusMessage
A message requesting current registered orders and trades.
Public classPassThroughMessageAdapter
Special adapter, which transmits directly to the output of all incoming messages.
Public classPassThroughMessageChannel
Message channel, which passes directly to the output all incoming messages.
Public classPnFArg
Point in figure (X0) candle arg.
Public classPnFCandleMessage
The message contains information about the X0 candle.
Public classPortfolioChangeMessage
Messages containing changes to the position.
Public classPortfolioLookupMessage
Message security lookup for specified criteria.
Public classPortfolioLookupResultMessage
Portfolio lookup result message.
Public classPortfolioMessage
The message contains information about portfolio.
Public classPositionChangeMessage
The message contains information about the position changes.
Public classQuoteChange
Market depth quote representing bid or ask.
Public classQuoteChangeMessage
Messages containing quotes.
Public classRangeCandleMessage
The message contains information about the range candle.
Public classReConnectionSettings
Connection tracking settings IMessageAdapter with a server.
Public classRemoveMessage
Remove object request (security, portfolio etc.).
Public classRenkoCandleMessage
The message contains information about the renko candle.
Public classRepoOrderInfo
REPO info.
Public classResetMessage
Reset state message.
Public classRpsOrderInfo
RPS order info.
Public classSecurityLookupMessage
Message security lookup for specified criteria.
Public classSecurityLookupResultMessage
Security lookup result message.
Public classSecurityMessage
A message containing info about the security.
Public classSessionMessage
Session change changed message.
Public classTickCandleMessage
The message contains information about the tick candle.
Public classTimeFrameCandleMessage
The message contains information about the time-frame candle.
Public classTimeMessage
The message contains information about the current time.
Public classUnit
Special class, allows to set the value as a percentage, absolute, points and pips values.
Public classUnitHelper
Extension class for Unit.
Public classUserInfoMessage
The message contains information about user.
Public classUserLookupMessage
Message users lookup for specified criteria.
Public classUserLookupResultMessage
Users search result message.
Public classVolumeCandleMessage
The message contains information about the volume candle.
Public classWithdrawInfo
Withdraw info.
Public classWorkingTime
Work mode (time, holidays etc.).
Public classWorkingTimePeriod
Schedule validity period.
Public structureSecurityId
Security ID.
Public interfaceIBasketSecurityProcessor
The interface of market data processor for basket securities.
Public interfaceIBasketSecurityProcessorProvider
The interface for provider of IBasketSecurityProcessor.
Public interfaceIDailyInfoSoap
The interface for access to currency service.
Public interfaceIExtendableEntity
The interface for all trading types that have the property ExtensionInfo for keeping extended information.
Public interfaceIMessageAdapter
Base message adapter interface which convert messages Message to native commands and back.
Public interfaceIMessageAdapterExtension
Extended interface for specify extra operation with conditional orders.
Public interfaceIMessageAdapterProvider
The message adapter's provider interface.
Public interfaceIMessageAdapterWrapper
Wrapping based adapter.
Public interfaceIMessageChannel
Message channel base interface.
Public interfaceIMessageSender
Message sender base interface.
Public interfaceIOrderLogMarketDepthBuilder
Base interface for order book builder.
Public interfaceIPortfolioMessageAdapterProvider
The message adapter's provider interface.
Public enumerationCandleStates
Candle states.
Public enumerationConnectionStates
Connection states.
Public enumerationCurrencyTypes
Currency type.
Public enumerationExecutionTypes
The types of data that contain information in ExecutionMessage.
Public enumerationLevel1Fields
Level1 fields of market-data.
Public enumerationMarketDataBuildModes
Build modes.
Public enumerationMarketDataTypes
Market-data types.
Public enumerationMessageAdapterCategories
Message adapter categories.
Public enumerationMessageOfflineModes
Message offline modes.
Public enumerationMessageTypes
The types of messages.
Public enumerationOptionTypes
Option types.
Public enumerationOrderCancelVolumeRequireTypes
Types of Volume required to cancel orders.
Public enumerationOrderStates
Order states.
Public enumerationOrderStatus
System order states.
Public enumerationOrderTypes
Order types.
Public enumerationPortfolioStates
Portfolio states.
Public enumerationPositionChangeTypes
Type of the changes in PositionChangeMessage.
Public enumerationRemoveTypes
Removing object types.
Public enumerationSecurityStates
Security states.
Public enumerationSecurityTypes
Securities types.
Public enumerationSessionStates
Session states.
Public enumerationSides
Public enumerationTimeInForce
Limit order time in force.
Public enumerationTPlusLimits
Т+ limit types.
Public enumerationUnitTypes
Measure units.
Public enumerationWithdrawTypes
Withdraw types.