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StockSharp.Fix.Native Namespace

FIX protocol native components.

Public classBaseFixReader
Data reader base class.
Public classBaseFixWriter
The base class of the recorder.
Public classBinaryFixReader
The reader of data recorded in the binary FIX protocol format (FAST).
Public classBinaryFixWriter
The data recorder which records in the binary FIX protocol format (FAST).
Public classCashMargin
Identifies whether an order is a margin order or a non-margin order.
Public classCommType
Public classCxlRejResponseTo
Public classExecType
Public classExecutionReport
Execution report.
Public classFastPMap
FAST Presence Map.
Public classFixBase
Data reader/writer base class.
Public classFixExtendedMessages
FIX extended messages codes.
Public classFixMessages
FIX messages codes.
Public classFixTimeInForce
Public classHandlInst
Public classMassCancelRequestType
Public classMassCancelResponse
Public classMDEntryType
Public classMDReqRejReason
Public classMDUpdateAction
Public classOrdStatus
Public classOrdType
Public classParty
Public classPartyIDSource
Public classPosAmtType
Public classPosType
Public classSecurityIDSource
Public classSecurityType
Public classSide
Public classSubscriptionRequestType
Public classTextFixReader
The reader of data recorded in the text FIX protocol format.
Public classTextFixWriter
The data recorder which records in the text FIX protocol format.
Public classTickDirection
Ticks side.
Public classTimeInForce
Public classUrgency
Public structureMDEntry
The market data string.
Public interfaceIFixReader
The interface describing the reader of data recorded in the FIX protocol format.
Public interfaceIFixWriter
The interface describing the recorder of data in the FIX protocol format.
Public enumerationAccountType
Public enumerationCxlRejReason
Public enumerationEncryptMethod
Encryption methods.
Public enumerationFixTags
FIX protocol tags.
Public enumerationMassCancelRejectReason
Public enumerationMassStatusReqType
Public enumerationMDUpdateType
Public enumerationPartyRole
Public enumerationPosQtyStatus
Public enumerationPosReqResult
Public enumerationPosReqType
Public enumerationProduct
Indicates the type of product the security is associated with.
Public enumerationPutOrCall
Option types.
Public enumerationQuoteCancelType
Quotes cancel types.
Public enumerationQuoteType
Public enumerationSecurityListRequestType
Public enumerationSecurityRequestResult
Public enumerationSecurityRequestType
Public enumerationSecurityResponseType
Public enumerationTradSesStatus
Session states.
Public enumerationTradSesStatusRejReason
Session state request error message.
Public enumerationTrdRegTimestampType
Public enumerationUserRequestType
Public enumerationUserStatus
The user request states.