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StockSharp.Fix Namespace

FIX protocol connectivity components.

Public classFastFeedGroup
Network configuration group.
Public classFastFeedGroupFastFeedGroupAddress
Network configuration group address.
Public classFastMessageAdapter
FAST message adapter.
Public classFixMessageAdapter
FIX message adapter.
Public classFixMessageTypes
FIX server extended messages.
Public classFixOrderCondition
StockSharp.Fix order condition.
Public classFixSecurityAssociationRequestMessage
Security association request message.
Public classFixSecurityAssociationResultMessage
Security association result message.
Public classFixSecurityLegsRequestMessage
Security legs request message.
Public classFixSecurityLegsResultMessage
Security legs result message.
Public classFixSecurityMappingRequestMessage
Security mapping request message.
Public classFixSecurityMappingResultMessage
Security mapping result message.
Public classFixServer
FIX server.
Public classFixSession
Session settings.
Public classFixTrader
The implementation of the interface IConnector for interaction with the exchange or broker system via FIX protocol.
Public classFixUserForceLogoffMessage
FIX server extended message for force logoff message.
Public classFixUserRequestMessage
FIX server extended message for user based action.
Public classFixUserResponseMessage
FIX server extended message for user based action result.
Public classFixVersions
FIX protocol versions.
Public enumerationFixDialects
Dialects of the FIX protocol.
Public enumerationFixFormats
FIX protocol formats.
Public enumerationFixStopOrderTypes
The stop orders types that are specific for StockSharp.Fix.
Public enumerationFixUserRequestTypes
Request types.
Public enumerationFixUserResponseTypes
Response types.