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StockSharp.BusinessEntities Namespace

Main trading entities (security, order, connector etc.).

Public classAggregatedQuote
Aggregate quote.
Public classExchange
Exchange info.
Public classExchangeBoard
Information about electronic board.
Public classMarketDepth
Order book.
Public classMarketDepthPair
Quotes pair.
Public classMyTrade
Own trade.
Public classNews
Public classOrder
Public classOrderFail
Description of the error that occurred during the registration or cancellation of the order.
Public classOrderLogItem
Order log item.
Public classPortfolio
Portfolio, describing the trading account and the size of its generated commission.
Public classPosition
The position by the instrument.
Public classQuote
Market depth quote representing bid or ask.
Public classSecurity
Security (shares, futures, options etc.).
Public classSecurityExternalId
Security IDs in other systems.
Public classTrade
Tick trade.
Public classUnitHelper2
Extension class for Unit.
Public interfaceIConnector
The main interface providing the connection to the trading systems.
Public interfaceIMarketDataProvider
The market data by the instrument provider interface.
Public interfaceINewsProvider
The interface for access to provider of information about news.
Public interfaceIPortfolioProvider
The portfolio provider interface.
Public interfaceIPositionProvider
The position provider interface.
Public interfaceISecurityProvider
The interface for access to provider of information about instruments.
Public interfaceITransactionProvider
Transactional operations provider interface.