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StockSharp.Algo.Strategies.Quoting Namespace

Market making strategies.

Public classBestByPriceQuotingStrategy
The quoting by the best price. For this quoting the shift from the best price BestPriceOffset is specified, on which quoted order can be changed.
Public classBestByVolumeQuotingStrategy
The quoting according to the Best By Volume rule. For this quoting the volume delta VolumeExchange is specified, which can stand in front of the quoted order.
Public classLastTradeQuotingStrategy
The quoting by the last trade price.
Public classLevelQuotingStrategy
The quoting by specified level in the order book.
Public classLimitQuotingStrategy
The strategy realizing volume quoting algorithm by the limited price.
Public classMarketQuotingStrategy
The quoting by the market price.
Public classQuotingStrategy
Base quoting strategy class.