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StockSharp.Algo.Strategies Namespace

Trading strategies base classes.

Public classBasketStrategy
The batch strategy, containing subsidiary strategies, affecting each other by their execution.
Public classExtensions
Extension class for Strategy.
Public classStrategy
The base class for all trade strategies.
Public classStrategyHelper
Extension class for Strategy.
Public classStrategyNameGenerator
The class for the strategy name formation.
Public classStrategyParam
Wrapper for typified access to the strategy parameter.
Public classStrategyParamT
Wrapper for typified access to the strategy parameter.
Public classStrategyParamHelper
Public classStrategyPositionManager
The position calculation manager.
Public classTimeFrameStrategy
The timeframe based trade strategy.
Public interfaceIStrategyChildStrategyList
The collection of subsidiary strategies.
Public interfaceIStrategyParam
The strategy parameter.
Public enumerationBasketStrategyFinishModes
Conditions of subsidiary strategies operation end.
Public enumerationProcessResults
Results of the trading strategy one iteration operation.
Public enumerationStrategyCommentModes
Comment auto-fill modes.