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StockSharp.Algo.Server Namespace

Server side components.

Public classAnonymousRemoteAuthorization
The connection access check module which provides access to all connections.
Public classInMemoryTransactionIdStorage
In memory implementation of ITransactionIdStorage.
Public classPermissionCredentials
Credentials with set of permissions.
Public classPermissionCredentialsAuthorization
The module of the connection access check based on the PermissionCredentialsStorage authorization.
Public classPermissionCredentialsRemoteAuthorization
The connection access check module based on the PermissionCredentialsStorage authentication.
Public classPermissionCredentialsStorage
Storage for PermissionCredentials.
Public classPlainTransactionIdStorage
Plain implementation of ITransactionIdStorage.
Public classSimpleRemoteAuthorization
The connection access check module which provides access by simple login and password set.
Public interfaceIMessageListener
The interface describing a message listening component.
Public interfaceIMessageListenerSession
The interface describing a session, create by IMessageListener.
Public interfaceIRemoteAuthorization
The interface describing the connection access check module.
Public interfaceISessionTransactionIdStorage
The interface describing the session based transaction and request identifiers storage.
Public interfaceITransactionIdStorage
The interface describing the transaction and request identifiers storage.
Public enumerationAuthorizationModes
Types of authorization.