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StockSharp.Algo.Indicators Namespace

Trading technical analysis indicators.

Public classAcceleration
Acceleration / Deceleration Indicator.
Public classAlligator
Public classAlligatorLine
The realization of one of indicator lines Alligator (Jaw, Teeth, and Lips).
Public classAverageDirectionalIndex
Welles Wilder Average Directional Index.
Public classAverageTrueRange
The average true range TrueRange.
Public classAwesomeOscillator
Awesome Oscillator.
Public classBaseComplexIndicator
The base indicator, built in form of several indicators combination.
Public classBaseIndicator
The base Indicator.
Public classBaseIndicatorValue
The base class for the indicator value.
Public classBollingerBand
Bollinger band.
Public classBollingerBands
Bollinger Bands.
Public classCandleIndicatorValue
The indicator value, operating with data type Candle.
Public classChaikinVolatility
Chaikin volatility.
Public classChandeMomentumOscillator
Chande Momentum Oscillator.
Public classCommodityChannelIndex
Commodity Channel Index.
Public classComplexIndicatorValue
The complex value of the indicator IComplexIndicator, derived as result of calculation.
Public classCorrelation
Public classCovariance
Public classDecimalIndicatorValue
The indicator value, operating with data type Decimal.
Public classDetrendedPriceOscillator
Price oscillator without trend.
Public classDiMinus
DIMinus is a component of the Directional Movement System developed by Welles Wilder.
Public classDiPart
The part of the indicator DirectionalIndex.
Public classDiPlus
DIPlus is a component of the Directional Movement System developed by Welles Wilder.
Public classDirectionalIndex
Welles Wilder Directional Movement Index.
Public classDoubleExponentialMovingAverage
Double Exponential Moving Average.
Public classEnvelope
Public classExponentialMovingAverage
Exponential Moving Average.
Public classFractalPart
Part Fractals.
Public classFractals
Public classGatorHistogram
The oscillator histogram GatorOscillator.
Public classGatorOscillator
Gator oscillator.
Public classHighest
Maximum value for a period.
Public classHullMovingAverage
Hull Moving Average.
Public classIchimoku
Public classIchimokuChinkouLine
Chinkou line.
Public classIchimokuLine
The implementation of the lines of Ishimoku KInko Khayo indicator (Tenkan, Kijun, Senkou Span B).
Public classIchimokuSenkouALine
Senkou (A) line.
Public classIchimokuSenkouBLine
Senkou (B) line.
Public classIndicatorContainer
The container, storing indicators data.
Public classIndicatorHelper
Extension class for indicators.
Public classIndicatorInAttribute
Attribute, applied to indicator, to provide information about type of input values IIndicatorValue.
Public classIndicatorOutAttribute
Attribute, applied to indicator, to provide information about type of output values IIndicatorValue.
Public classIndicatorValueAttribute
Attribute, applied to indicator, to provide information about type of values IIndicatorValue.
Public classJurikMovingAverage
Jurik Moving Average.
Public classKaufmannAdaptiveMovingAverage
Kaufman adaptive moving average.
Public classLengthIndicatorTResult
The base class for indicators with one resulting value and based on the period.
Public classLevel1Indicator
The indicator, built on the market data basis.
Public classLinearReg
Linear regression - Value returns the last point prediction.
Public classLinearRegression
The full class of linear regression, calculates LinearReg, LinearRegSlope, RSquared and StandardError at the same time.
Public classLinearRegSlope
Linear regression gradient.
Public classLowest
Minimum value for a period.
Public classMarketDepthIndicatorValue
The indicator value, operating with data type MarketDepth.
Public classMarketFacilitationIndex
Market Facilitation Index.
Public classMeanDeviation
Average deviation.
Public classMedianPrice
Median price.
Public classMomentum
Public classMoneyFlowIndex
Money Flow Index.
Public classMovingAverageConvergenceDivergence
Convergence/divergence of moving averages.
Public classMovingAverageConvergenceDivergenceHistogram
Convergence/divergence of moving averages. Histogram.
Public classMovingAverageConvergenceDivergenceSignal
Convergence/divergence of moving averages with signal line.
Public classNickRypockTrailingReverse
NickRypockTrailingReverse (Nick Rypock Trailing reverse).
Public classOptimalTracking
Optimal Tracking.
Public classPairIndicatorValueTValue
The value of the indicator, operating with pair .
Public classParabolicSar
Trend indicator implementation - Parabolic SAR.
Public classPeak
Public classPeakBar
Public classQStick
Public classRangeActionVerificationIndex
Range Action Verification Index.
Public classRateOfChange
Rate of change.
Public classRelativeStrengthIndex
Relative Strength Index.
Public classRelativeVigorIndex
Relative Vigor Index.
Public classRelativeVigorIndexAverage
The weight-average part of indicator RelativeVigorIndex.
Public classRelativeVigorIndexSignal
The signaling part of indicator RelativeVigorIndex.
Public classRSquared
Linear regression R-squared.
Public classShiftedIndicatorValue
The shifted value of the indicator.
Public classSimpleMovingAverage
Simple moving average.
Public classSingleIndicatorValueTValue
The base value of the indicator, operating with one data type.
Public classSmoothedMovingAverage
Smoothed Moving Average.
Public classStandardDeviation
Standard deviation.
Public classStandardError
Standard error in linear regression.
Public classStochasticK
Stochastic %K.
Public classStochasticOscillator
The stochastic oscillator.
Public classSum
Sum of N last values.
Public classTripleExponentialMovingAverage
Triple Exponential Moving Average.
Public classTrix
Triple Exponential Moving Average.
Public classTrough
Public classTroughBar
Public classTrueRange
True range.
Public classUltimateOscillator
Last oscillator.
Public classVerticalHorizontalFilter
The vertical-horizontal filter.
Public classVidya
The dynamic average of variable index (Variable Index Dynamic Average).
Public classVolumeIndicator
Candle volume.
Public classVolumeProfileIndicator
Volume profile.
Public classVolumeProfileIndicatorValue
The indicator value VolumeProfileIndicator, derived in result of calculation.
Public classVolumeWeightedMovingAverage
Volume weighted moving average.
Public classWeightedMovingAverage
Weighted moving average.
Public classWilderMovingAverage
Welles Wilder Moving Average.
Public classWilliamsR
Williams Percent Range.
Public classZigZag
Public classZigZagEquis
Zig Zag (Metastock).
Public interfaceIComplexIndicator
The interface of indicator, built as combination of several indicators.
Public interfaceIIndicator
The interface describing indicator.
Public interfaceIIndicatorContainer
The interface of the container, storing indicator data.
Public interfaceIIndicatorValue
The indicator value, based on which it will renew its value, as well as value, containing result of indicator calculation.
Public enumerationComplexIndicatorModes
Embedded indicators processing modes.