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StockSharp.Algo.Candles Namespace

Candle algos (pattern recognition).

Public classBiggerTimeFrameCandleCompressor
Compressor of candles from smaller time-frames to bigger.
Public classCandle
Base candle class (contains main parameters).
Public classCandleHelper
Extension class for candles.
Public classCandleManager
The candles manager.
Public classCandleManagerContainer
The standard container that stores candles data.
Public classCandleSeries
Candles series.
Public classCandlesHolder
Candles holder to create Candle instances.
Public classPnFCandle
The candle of point-and-figure chart (tac-toe chart).
Public classRangeCandle
Range candle.
Public classRenkoCandle
Renko candle.
Public classTickCandle
Tick candle.
Public classTimeFrameCandle
Time-frame candle.
Public classVolumeCandle
Volume candle.
Public interfaceICandleManager
The candles manager interface.
Public interfaceICandleManagerContainer
The interface of the container that stores candles data.
Public interfaceICandleSourceTValue
Market-data source.
Public interfaceIExternalCandleSource
The external candles source (for example, connection IConnector which provides the possibility of ready candles getting).