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IFixWriter Methods

The IFixWriter type exposes the following members.

Public methodClearState
Clear state.
Public methodFlushDump
Get data log.
Public methodWrite(Boolean)
To record the Boolean value.
Public methodWrite(Char)
To record the Char value.
Public methodWrite(Decimal)
To record the Decimal value.
Public methodWrite(Int32)
To record the Int32 value.
Public methodWrite(Int64)
To record the Int64 value.
Public methodWrite(String)
To record the String value.
Public methodWrite(FixTags)
Last tag.
Public methodWrite(DateTime, FastDateTimeParser)
To record the DateTime value.
Public methodWrite(TimeSpan, FastTimeSpanParser)
To record the TimeSpan value.
Public methodWriteBytes
To record an array of bytes.
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