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MatLabConnector Events

The MatLabConnector type exposes the following members.

Public eventCandleSeriesProcessing
A new value for processing occurrence event.
Public eventCandleSeriesStopped
The series processing end event.
Public eventConnected
Public eventConnectionError
Connection error (for example, the connection was aborted by server).
Public eventDisconnected
Public eventError
Data process error.
Public eventMarketDepthChanged
Order book changed.
Public eventMarketTimeChanged
Server time changed ExchangeBoards. It passed the time difference since the last call of the event. The first time the event passes the value Zero.
Public eventNewMarketDepth
Order book received.
Public eventNewMyTrade
Own trade received.
Public eventNewOrder
Order received.
Public eventNewOrderLogItem
Order log received.
Public eventNewPortfolio
Portfolio received.
Public eventNewPosition
Position received.
Public eventNewSecurity
Security received.
Public eventNewTrade
Tick trade received.
Public eventOrderCancelFailed
Order cancellation error event.
Public eventOrderChanged
Order changed (cancelled, matched).
Public eventOrderRegisterFailed
Order registration error event.
Public eventPortfolioChanged
Portfolio changed.
Public eventPositionChanged
Position changed.
Public eventSecurityChanged
Security changed.
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