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Strategy Events

The Strategy type exposes the following members.

Public eventBoardReceived
Board received.
Public eventCandleReceived
Candle received.
Public eventCommissionChanged
Commission change event.
Public eventConnectorChanged
The event of strategy connection change.
Public eventError
The event of error occurrence in the strategy.
Public eventFilteredMarketDepthChanged Obsolete.
Order book changed.
Public eventLatencyChanged
Latency change event.
Public eventLevel1Received
Level1 received.
Public eventLog
New debug message event.
(Inherited from BaseLogSource.)
Public eventLookupBoardsResult
Lookup result BoardLookupMessage received.
Public eventLookupBoardsResult2
Lookup result BoardLookupMessage received.
Public eventLookupSecuritiesResult
Lookup result SecurityLookupMessage received.
Public eventLookupSecuritiesResult2
Lookup result SecurityLookupMessage received.
Public eventLookupTimeFramesResult
Lookup result TimeFrameLookupMessage received.
Public eventLookupTimeFramesResult2
Lookup result TimeFrameLookupMessage received.
Public eventMarketDataSubscriptionFailed
Error subscription market-data.
Public eventMarketDataSubscriptionFailed2
Error subscription market-data.
Public eventMarketDataSubscriptionFinished
Subscription market-data finished.
Public eventMarketDataSubscriptionOnline
Subscription is online.
Public eventMarketDataSubscriptionSucceeded
Successful subscription market-data.
Public eventMarketDataUnexpectedCancelled
Market-data subscription unexpected cancelled.
Public eventMarketDataUnSubscriptionFailed
Error unsubscription market-data.
Public eventMarketDataUnSubscriptionFailed2
Error unsubscription market-data.
Public eventMarketDataUnSubscriptionSucceeded
Successful unsubscription market-data.
Public eventMarketDepthChanged Obsolete.
Order book changed.
Public eventMarketDepthReceived
Order book received.
Public eventNewMarketDepth Obsolete.
Order book received.
Public eventNewMyTrade
Own trade received.
Public eventNewNews Obsolete.
News received.
Public eventNewOrderLogItem Obsolete.
Order log received.
Public eventNewsChanged Obsolete.
News updated (news body received Story).
Public eventNewSecurity Obsolete.
Security received.
Public eventNewsReceived
News received.
Public eventNewStateMessage
New StrategyStateMessage occurred event.
Public eventNewTrade Obsolete.
Tick trade received.
Public eventOrderBookReceived
Order book received.
Public eventOrderCancelFailed
Order cancellation error event.
Public eventOrderCancelFailReceived
Order cancellation error event.
Public eventOrderCanceling
The event of sending order for cancelling.
Public eventOrderChanged
Order changed (cancelled, matched).
Public eventOrderEdited
EditOrder(Order, Order) success result event.
Public eventOrderEditFailed
EditOrder(Order, Order) error result event.
Public eventOrderEditFailReceived
Order edition error event.
Public eventOrderLogItemReceived
Order log received.
Public eventOrderReceived
Order received.
Public eventOrderRegistered
The event of order successful registration.
Public eventOrderRegisterFailed
Order registration error event.
Public eventOrderRegisterFailReceived
Order registration error event.
Public eventOrderRegistering
The event of sending order for registration.
Public eventOrderReRegistering
The event of sending order for re-registration.
Public eventOwnTradeReceived
Own trade received.
Public eventParametersChanged
Parameters change event.
Public eventParentRemoved
Parent removed.
(Inherited from BaseLogSource.)
Public eventPnLChanged
PnL change event.
Public eventPnLReceived
PnL change event.
Public eventPortfolioReceived
Portfolio received.
Public eventPositionChanged
Position change event.
Public eventPositionReceived
Position received.
Public eventProcessStateChanged
ProcessState change event.
Public eventPropertyChanged
Occurs when a property value changes.
Public eventReseted
The event of the strategy re-initialization.
Public eventSecurityChanged Obsolete.
Security changed.
Public eventSecurityReceived
Security received.
Public eventSlippageChanged
Slippage change event.
Public eventStopOrderCancelFailed Obsolete.
Stop-order cancellation error event.
Public eventStopOrderCanceling Obsolete.
The event of sending stop-order for cancelling.
Public eventStopOrderChanged Obsolete.
Stop order state change event.
Public eventStopOrderRegistered Obsolete.
The event of stop-order successful registration.
Public eventStopOrderRegisterFailed Obsolete.
Stop-order registration error event.
Public eventStopOrderRegistering Obsolete.
The event of sending stop-order for registration.
Public eventStopOrderReRegistering Obsolete.
The event of sending stop-order for re-registration.
Public eventSubscriptionFailed
Subscription is failed.
Public eventSubscriptionOnline
Subscription is online.
Public eventSubscriptionReceived
Message received.
Public eventSubscriptionStarted
Subscription is started.
Public eventSubscriptionStopped
Subscription is stopped.
Public eventTickTradeReceived
Tick trade received.
Public eventValuesChanged
Security changed.
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