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The Chart component allows you to draw candles and indicators for the selected instrument.

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To add a new area, click the Designer Creation tool 00 button.

To add a new element of the chart, you have to right click mouse button anywhere in the chart area and select the required element, these can be: candles, indicators, orders, own trades.

The top left corner of each chart shows all the graphical elements added to the chart. If you clear the check box Designer Schedule 00 on the graphic element, the element will be removed from the chart. Clicking on the Designer Schedule 01, button will open the settings for the graphic element.

Designer Schedule 02

The orders can be registered from the chart, for this you have to first specify the Instrument and Portfolio for which orders will be registered.

Orders for purchase will be registered by the combination of keys Ctrl+Left mouse button.

Orders for sale will be registered by the combination of keys Ctrl+Right mouse button.

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In the graphical element settings, you can set the required chart style: Japanese candles, bars, box chart, cluster profile, etc.

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For a box chart candles can be additionally grouped, the grouping order is set in the fields: the multiplier of the 2nd timeframe, the multiplier of the 3rd timeframe.

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There is a toolbar above the chart, where you can select auto scroll, auto-zoom, legend modes and other general chart settings. You can also select the elements to draw on the chart: lines, levels, pointers, rectangle, text.

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S#.Terminal provides the ability to share, as well as automatically share charts, as described in the Share images for charts and tables section.

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