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Live execution sample

To run an example in Live you will need:

1. Testing terminal IB Trader Workstation (TWS) Demo from Interactive Brokers, you can get it on the manufacturer's website.

2. Set the IB TWS Demo terminal for work with S#.Designer. See the IB TWS Setting demo in the Interactive Brokers section.

3. Set connection to the IB TWS Demo in S#.Designer and connect.

4. Download history for the required instrument. For example, the AAPL@NASDAQ instrument will be used. The strategy will use candles with a time frame of 5 seconds, and history will not be needed, but such a history will be sufficient to demonstrate the possibility.

Designer Example of Live trading 00

5. Set and run the strategy.

The following parameters will be used in the example with the SMA strategy.

  • AAPL@NASDAQ instrument

  • Standard storage \Documents\StockSharp\Designer\Storage

  • Storage format - CSV

  • Type of data, taken from the storage - Ticks

  • Candles with time-frame of 5 s

  • Volume - 100

  • History days - 2

Designer Example of Live trading 01

After setting up all the required parameters, start up the strategy testing by clicking the Designer Panel Circuits 02 Start button.

After clicking the Designer Panel Circuits 02 Start button, the chart will start displaying the entire downloaded history for 2 days:

Designer Example of Live trading 02

After downloading the entire history from the Market data storage and the Table of anonymous trades from the terminal, the strategy will start trading.

The chart below shows the trades from S#.Designer.

Designer Example of Live trading 03
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