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S#.Data settings

The following describes the creation and configuration of backup task.

  1. To create a task, it is necessary to click the Add tasks... button, in the window that opens, check the Backup item and click OK button.

    hydra tasks backup add
  2. Next, you should configure the task.

    hydra tasks backup


    • Address - the service address.
    • Region - the region address. The address of the region, specified in the bucket settings. See Regions and Endpoints.
    • Bucket - the bucket name.
    • Login - the login. Access key Access Key ID.
    • Password - the password. Access key Secret Access Key.
    • Start date - from which date to start backup.
    • Offset - offset in days from the current date.


    • Work from - the operating start time.
    • Work till - the operating stop time.
    • Interval - the operating interval.
    • Data directory - the data directory where the final files will be saved in the S# format.
    • Format - the data format: BIN/CSV.
    • Max errors - the maximum number of errors to achieve that the task will be stopped. By default is 0 – number of errors is ignored.
    • Dependency - the task that must be executed before the current is started.
    • Logging level - the logging level.
  3. After the task configuration it is necessary to add the instruments to be stored in the backup, and click Start.

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