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Dump mode

The FAST connector is available in dump mode. In this case, the data does not come from a real network connection, but from the accumulated files of the app S#.UDP Dumper.

In order to enable dump mode, it is necessary to transfer files through the dump method IFastDialect.Dump before process connecting:

// ... connector initialization

var fastAdapter = (FastMessageAdapter)connector.Adapters.InnerAdapters.First();

IEnumerable<string> dumpFiles = Directory.GetFiles(dumpDir, "*.bin");

var dict = dumpFiles.Select(f =>
    var name = Path.GetFileNameWithoutExtension(f);

    var parts = name.Split('_').Skip(1).ToArray();

    var groupAddr = parts[0];
    var port = parts[1];
    var sourceAddr = parts[2];

    if (sourceAddr.IsEmpty())
        sourceAddr = null;

    return Tuple.Create(new MulticastSourceAddress
        GroupAddress = groupAddr.To<IPAddress>(),
        Port = port.To<int>(),
        SourceAddress = sourceAddr.To<IPAddress>(),
    }, f);
}).GroupBy(t => t.Item1).ToDictionary(g => g.Key, g => (IEnumerable<Stream>)g.Select(p => File.OpenRead(p.Item2)).ToArray());


// ...


After that, the work with the connector proceeds as usual, as if it was receiving data from the network.