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S#.Shell - - is focused on programming in C# language in Visual Studio environment or similar.

When you start the S#.Shell project, the solution explorer displays the Shell project:

Shell Quick start 00

The Strategies folder contains three strategies included in S#.Shell, a shell for default strategies, as well as some auxiliary interfaces.

The project can be launched without preliminary preparation and see its operation on strategies that are already included in S#.Shell.

After launch, we will see a window like this:

Shell Quick start 01

The connection settings, the connection itself buttons, and the save button for the current Shell configuration are located at the top of the screen. There are also the main tabs.

Go to the connection settings and select the necessary connection. How to set up a connection is described in Connections settings.

The next step is to connect by clicking the Connect button Designer The quick access toolbar 00.

After connection, on theCommon tab, you can see the portfolios, securities, orders and own trades that were received from the connection.

Shell Quick start 02

Go to the Real-time tab, click the AddDesigner Creation tool 00 button to add a strategy to start trading.

Shell Quick start 03

Once the strategy is added, it is necessary to fill in its basic parameters such as Security, Portfolio, etc. To start it is necessary to click the Start strategy button.

Shell Quick start 04

Similar to the Real-time tab, you can run a strategy test on historical data on the Emulation tab.

Shell Quick start 05
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