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Settings S#.Data can be used in server mode, in this mode you can remotely connect to S#.Data and get the existing data to the storage. You can connect to S#.Data running in server mode from S#.Designer (as described in the Getting started item in the S#.Designer documentation). Also, you can connect to S#.Data via S#.API (as described in FIX/FAST connectivity, WCF connectivity, Remote administration items).

To enable the S#.Data server mode, on the Common tab, click the Settings button, the server mode setup window will open.

hydra server

S#.Data server

  • Server mode – switch S#.Data to the server mode.

  • Server running over the FIX protocol - the server that distributes live and historical data via the FIX protocol

  • Authorization - authorization for access to the S#.Data server

  • Number of instruments - the maximum number of instruments that can be requested from the server

  • Number of days for a candle - the maximum number of days available for downloading the history of candles

  • Number of days for ticks - the maximum number of days available for downloading the history of tick data


  • Template – the template for exporting the relevant data type


  • Autostart - the quotes auto downloading at start

  • Tray – to minimize to tray

  • Auto-stop - stop the work at specified time

  • Time for auto-stop - the time for the auto-stop option

  • Errors (quantity) - the number of errors after reaching that an email with an error message will be sent. A value of 0 means off mode

  • Errors (email) - the email address, to which a message about exceeding the maximum number of errors will be sent.

If to set the Authorization different from Anonymous, the Users button appears on the Common tab, after clicking on it, the Users window appears

hydra users

In the left part of the window, you can add a new user, and in the right part you can set access rights for it.