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Put C# code into schema

To add the SMA strategy described in Using C# section, you should select the Source code cube in the Palette and move it to the Designer panel. In the Source code cube properties, you should select the strategy name:

Designer The integration of dice Source code in the General scheme 00

Since the ProcessCandle(Candle candle) method (First C# strategy section) accepts the candles, you need to add the candle cube and the Variable cube with the Instrument type. Join all the cubes with lines. Since S#.Designer does not limit the number of any cubes in the strategy, you can use several Source code cubes in one strategy. The most rational approach is to combine cubes. Those actions that are easier to write in the code are worth writing in the code and integrating with the help of the Source code or DLL import cubes. And those actions, which are easier to do with standard cubes, should be done with standard cubes. An example with this approach is described in the Combine C# code and visual designer section.

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