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The RemoteManager tab allows you to enable remote control mode. To enable this mode, you must go to the user configuration menu.

Shell Remote Manager 00

In the window that appears, set your login and password

Shell Remote Manager 01

Then you need to enable the server mode.

Shell Remote Manager 02

You can now connect to Shell from another Shell.

To do this, you need to run another Shell. In it go to the connection settings.

Shell Remote Manager 03

In the window that opens, set up Fix connection

Shell Remote Manager 04

Then press the connection button

Shell Remote Manager 05

When connected, all existing strategies in the Shell server will be available in the Shell client

Shell Remote Manager 06

By clicking the Add button, you can add another strategy to trade.

Shell Remote Manager 07

Because Shell client supports multiple servers. So when choosing to add a strategy, you must select the server on the left, and on the right there will be all strategies available on the server.

Shell Remote Manager 08

After adding a strategy, it will appear in the list of strategies.

Shell Remote Manager 09

When selecting a strategy, there will be tabs on the right with the strategy settings, as well as its statistics.

After changing the strategy settings, be sure to click the Apply changes button, otherwise the changes will not be applied to the strategy.

Shell Remote Manager 10

If the strategy has a command other than Start/Stop, then to apply it you must set it in the next field.

Shell Remote Manager 11

And click the send command button.

To set your team in the strategy, you need to override the StrategyApplyCommand(StrategyStateMessage) method.

public virtual void ApplyCommand(StrategyStateMessage stateMsg)

The Strategy base class only controls the strategy start and stop.

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