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In the process of strategies testing, it often becomes necessary to check what data enters the input of a given cube or passed at its output. To do that, the S#.Designer features the Debugger.

Designer Debug 00

The following buttons are located in the Debugger group of the Emulation Ribbon:

  • Designer Debug 01Add breakpoint – to add a breakpoint at the selected element. Elements, for which a breakpoint is added, are highlighted with a red border.

  • Designer Debug 02Delete breakpoint – to delete a breakpoint.

  • Designer Debug 03Next element – when the breakpoint is triggered, moves to the next element of the scheme.

  • Step to out – when the breakpoint is triggered, moves to the output of the current element, is used to check the values, passed at the element output.

  • Designer Debug 04Step in – when the breakpoint is triggered, moves inside the composite element. Automatically opens the composite element scheme and stops at the element to which the data is first transmitted.

  • Designer Debug 05Step out – when the breakpoint is triggered and is within the composite element, it exits one level up where an open composite element is used.

  • Designer Debug 06Continue – Continues until the next breakpoint is triggered.

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